Friday, December 12, 2008

Somewhere in the world it's summer

This hibiscus vase comes compliments of Bob Rivers-Smith in New Zealand. I belong to the Canadian Hibiscus Society. An online group, we exchange growing tips and tricks and send pics back and forth of our beloved hibiscus flowers.

Since it's winter in this part of the land, we Canadians are not sending many pics. Some people send pics of their indoor hibs, but most of them are resting now until February or March when the light is longer and brighter.

There are a few members who live South and I, for one, am very grateful that they send pics of their prize hibs to cheer us up. The above Vase was made as a table display.

Update on the front walk: One of the pics in the slide show (last post) was taken from inside my front door, where I tried to show everyone that the walk was finally shoveled. I must admit, it was a little hard to see, since practically everything was covered in white powdery snow.

We asked our lawn service if they knew of somebody who shovelled walks (for a reasonable rate). They put us in touch with a young fellow who will come for the heavier snowfalls. I will shovel the lighter ones.

The electric snowshovel I wanted is still backordered. Will probably have them in abundance in June. LOL!
The others were either too big and expensive, or too small and useless-looking. So, I've given up on that idea for the time being.

Keep warm everybody.


Mary said...


I love hibiscus, too! I had my first tree this summer that I nurtured for the hummingbirds. It stands about 6 feet with beautiful summer blooms. Now, the poor thing is looking sad in the sunroom, with multi-colored mini-lights draped over it... Around March, it might be outdoors again!

I hope you get that shovel soon!

I really enjoyed your comment yesterday! (What we do for our kids...)


Ruth said...

I buy a hibiscus each summer and enjoy the blooms but they never survive the transition indoors in the fall. Glad you got some help with the heavier snow. We have had a lot of wet snow that is so heavy to shovel.

Grammy said...

I have one hibiscus I bought it this last spring. The flowers are so beautiful. Mine is a peach like color. It did not have the tag and was the only one of its color. So I do not have a name. I look at Australian blog friends garden for my fix on growing. I have learn so much from them. Water is had to come by in there area. Till lately rain has been falling by the buckets. And barrels. I collect rain water to for my garden but I am thankful we have running water. It is not the best but I have bought cleaning devices, so now my dishes & cloths come clean. We have excessive hard water.

beckie said...

Wendy, I loved the pictures of your hibicus this summer. Such beautiful blooms and colors. I would imagine you get a lot of enjoyment out of the Society. Isn't it amazing what can be found on line!

So glad you found someone to helpwith the snow. Just don't let those 'light' ones get to be too much for you. :}

Abbasgirl said...

I love hibiscus! Beautiful picture you shared with us.

A large company who shall remain nameless has a snowblower division in Houston. I have always found that amusing. Check Craig's List adds in your area, my husband has bought new equipment, barely used for good prices.

Have a good weekend.


Q said...

Dear Wendy,
This is an amazing arragement!
I am so happy you belong to this group. A joyful way to shake the white winter blues...
Thank goodness someone will come and help with the snow removal.
Stay warm and smile lots!

CIELO said...

party party is party day! WHERE IS YOUR PARTY POST???? ;( I have your treasure up, please talk about it, mention the party and link back to the party so people visiting you can go there and also enjoy the fun.



Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Wendy, I am so glad to hear you have someone to shovel the heavy white stuff for you! My mother has hired a young teenage girl to do her walk way and drive. She says she does an interesting job! LOL! Evidently, she does a somewhat patchy job, and it is quite interesting to see the spots she misses and wonder how? why? Ah well, at least she gets most of it!

peppylady said...

As you can see we have winter in North Idaho.
As for snow removal it done by a snow blower and a shovel.

Coffee is on.

JeanMac said...

We're sure getting our fair share of snow now.

Wendy said...

Hi Mary - so you have a hibiscus too? Aren't they beautiful? Love those blooms.

Hi Ruth - awww that's too bad. I used to keep my hibs in a sunny window all winter, but now I just put them in the garage. The light is lower and it's cooler, so they keep better.

Hi Annette - snowblowers in Houston? Now that's funny! I'll check Craig's list - thanks.

Hi Sherry - yes I love this group. Been on the list for a couple of years now.

Hi Jen - well at least she has help. Maybe the girl just want to be noticed.

Hi Peppylady - sounds good to me.

Hi JeanMac - I heard you guys were getting nailed with snow. Hope it melts soon.