Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Some of you may have noticed that I've removed all my ads. I started this blog for me. It was a place to express myself. To share my story and listen to yours.

What started off as a Caregiving blog evolved into gardening, grandchildren, poetry, birthdays, family, and seasons.

I've decided to re-name this blog, or actually start up a new one, called Changes with the Seasons. I was tired of seeing google ads about oxygen concentrators, miracle cures for COPD, and whatever other nasty stuff they wanted to advertise.

Blog Her Ads was much better to work with. At least there were people to contact when you needed a problem sorted out. The Blog Her Ad network was full of creative, fun, regular people. They wanted regular posts (of course, otherwise, why advertise?).

But now that it's summer, I don't want to post when somebody else insists. I will post when I feel like it. After all, this is why I started blogging in the first place. To be my own boss. To sit at the computer for hours if I want or leave it when I'm too involved in other activities. And my good blogger buddies understand. They have a life too.

So COPD Caregiving is NOT for wimps will evolve into Changes with the Seasons. The focus will not be on hubby. Oh, I will still blog about our life together, as I continue to grow and learn and try to accept that which I cannot change.

As a matter of fact, the focus changed a long time ago. I wanted a happier blog, and began to branch out into other topics. I even learned to post my digital-camera-challenged pics without embarassment. One day I will take the time to buy a better camera and learn more about photography.

So on to a new blog... I hope to see all of you there!


femail doc said...

I love your evolution, your willingness to change. I had signed up for some medical blogging deal where I had to post at least once a week. I felt very pressured to stick with medical facts and details, very uncomfortable posting personal stuff as is my style. Best decision ever to leave that. Interesting process this blogging, no?

Wendy said...

Hi Judy,
Oh, you got that right! I really think this blogging stuff is more a personal journey that anything else. I'm glad you chose to leave that medical blog. There are enough "have to's" in our lives already.

Karin said...

My feelings about blogging are exactly the same as yours. Most of the time I even prefer to read other people's blogs and comment, than write my own stuff!! And that's exactly what I'm doing!

Maggie May said...

Good for you!
Will be there!

Rose said...

I really like your new name, Wendy, and it reflects all that you usually talk about here. Life is all about changes, and you have had to face some difficult ones and dealt with them admirably. I applaud you for deciding to do "your own thing." I toyed with the idea once of adding ads to my blog, but I didn't realize you had to post a certain number of times for them. I wouldn't like that either. I'll be over to see your new blog right away!

Cheryl said...

Change is good Wendy....look forward to your posts. You should be able to blog when you want to...and it should be fun. I will pop over now and take a look......

Celia said...

Off to see the new space Wendy, good for you.

Wendy said...

HI Karen, thanks for popping by. I like to write, but not when somebody else wants me to. I also like to visit blogs. And make friends too.

Hi Maggie - see you there too!

Hi Rose, for the google ads you can do what you like. They stay on your blog and you get paid when people "click" on the ads. I made about 20 dollars in a year and a bit. Obviously I did not get the traffic that some people do. People that blog constantly and use the right words in their posts so they come up in search engines make good money. I am not willing to spend so much time on the computer.
The BlogHer Ads (only open to women in the beginning) wanted regular postings. That's fine, and it worked for a while. Still, you need lots and lots of people visiting your blog to make any money at all.
Thank you for your support and for being a good friend. I will see you at my other blog - and, of course at yours!

Hi Cheryl, oh yes, change is good. And blogging is fun!

Hi Celia, see you there.

beckie said...

Wendy dear, I can't remember how I found you, but have been so grateful that I did. I have always enjoyed your posts whether about caregiving, gardening or whatever. I have noticed a change in your posts in the last year. One that I was happy to see-you have become so much stronger and more willing to express yourself and try new things. All for the better I think! :)

A new blog sounds perfect! Am looking forward to reading many delightful stories.

Mom2-2goodboys said...

Wendy, I left Blogher a little while ago. I felt the same way as you. I am still around, I just don't post as much as I use to because I don't feel pressure to post just anything to keep the ad network happy. Good luck with your evolution! You will definately see me there!

JeanMac said...

Congrats, Wendy. I always enjoyed this blog but look forward to your new one. good luck!

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
It is so wonderful watching you change and being a part of this adventure with you.
We connect...we understand...on to new beginnings with old friends.

Mimi said...

I'm with ya Wendy. You should blog for you, not for anyone else. I'm thrilled with the name!

Naturegirl said...

Wendy: Blogging should be a labor of love not work.Life gives us enough pressures..and blogging should NOT be one.
I am not able to sit at the PC for long periods so I've cut back on visits hope you understand.
I appreciate your encouraging words and prayers.hugs aNNa xo

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Wendy, I think sometimes we all need to make changes. We become too comfortable and lose our excitement in exploring new things. Love the new blog name. I know what you mean about the ads. I always found them intrusive, when our blogs are supposed to be a personal expression.

Naturegirl said...

Wendy I have been approached by numerous persons asking me to advertise for them on my blog. I have refused because my blog is my own expression of what and when I want to post.
I don't even look at the ads on others blog..I've trained my eye not to.
I find that ads just clutter up ones blog..takes away from what the intention of the blog.That is my opinion.
You've made a wise decision.
wishing you much inspiration and creativity .
I thank you for always being there to support and encourage me as I walk my healing journry!
love and light aNNa xo

Wendy said...

Thanks everyone!
I too don't really look at the ads either. In the beginning, I would click on a friend's ad so they could make money, but after a while I lost interest. The blog content was much more interesting and I've noticed that most of my blogging buddies are "ad free" too.

It is rewarding to hear of those who have made oodles of money with their blogs - almost like a dream come true. You post, enjoy what you do, and get paid big bucks. But, those people are far and few I think. I take my hat off to them and wish them every success.

But for me, I like an uncluttered blog.

Thank you friends, for staying with me as we socialize in my new blog.

Anonymous said...
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ellen said...

bearing with you!

hummer said...

Love the thoughts and the blog. Sometimes we just have to focus on the Savior's gifts and smile some. That is always an uplift.
Thanks for coming by and posting on my blog.