Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas shopping

That time of year again!
This year I said - "I don't have the energy to go all out. We'll just have a practical Christmas"
I meant - just the basics. I usually give my children money to spend however they want as well as something small, like candles, a blouse, chocolates, - just so it's not only about money.
The grand-kids I like to spoil.

However, this year I warned everybody that it would be simple. I asked my daughter-in-law what the children needed in the way of clothes. I planned to buy them each a toy and then something "practical".

"Socks" she said.

O.K., I thought - I can do that.

So, I marched into Sears and bought mountains of socks - some spiderman, some Joe Cool (whoever he is) and some pretty ones and some baby ones. I agonized over the sizes (I did have their sizes written down on a piece of paper, but somehow they didn't match the socks I was holding in my hand).

Sitting on the floor, I kept referring back to the paper: Justin needs
size 5 - 7. Is that shoe or sock? Some of the socks only had the sock size on the pack. Other ones had both shoe and sock size. Hmmm - this was harder than I thought.

I decided to sit there for a while to figure things out. Glancing up I saw a women who looked like she was in her 80's. "Don't worry, dear", she said "in a few weeks it'll be all over". She actually looked much calmer and less flustered than I was.

That was back in November. I thought I'd get an early start. Somehow, no matter how early I start, the days creep up and before we know it - only a few days left to finish shopping.

After visiting with my baby grand-daughter, a couple of days ago, I made the mistake of going into Toys-R-Us on my way home. I walked in the door and was immediately assaulted by all their Star Wars, Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dungeons and Dragons toys screaming to be bought. I hemmed and hawed and walked around until I was hot and thirsty and fed up. Intending to buy something small to go along with their toy and socks, I gave in and bought really fun and exciting and expensive toys after all.

I do the same thing every year.

Every year I start off saying "let's do just the basics - there is no need to overspend" and every year I buy more than I intended.

Ah well - Christmas is for kids and they're only little for such a short time. And somewhere in Santa's book of etiquette, doesn't it say that grandmas and grandpas are supposed to spoil their grandkids at Christmas time?


JOY said...

Great minds think alike!! I told everyone I'm gonna KISS (keep it simple stupid) this year too. Gift cards, gift baskets, coffee & chocolates oh, and CASH! And, even at that rate, it's still alot of runnin' around but it's worth it, like you say the little kids are what it's all about! They just love it so much & we love to see their little eyes light up & watch them get excited when they rip the paper off their gifts. My daughter is coming to visit us thru the holidays , she lives in Dallas. So that's what makes it extra wonderful for Hubby & I. my older daughter didn't know if she'd have the night off work for turkey dinner until yesterday. So that's a relief! Just to round everyone up at the same time seems like the biggest challenge of all!

Wendy said...

Oh, I hear ya - rounding everyone up is quite a task! Especially when they have their own inlaws and if there are split relationships (they go to their Dad's and then have to go to their Mom's) Gets really complicated when their in-laws are split too. It means 4 Christmas's.
Glad you've caught the Christmas spirit too. Once you accept that Christmas is really coming this year and it's getting closer all the time - you finally give in and - shop,bake,wrap,clean,write or email cards and whatever else makes Christmas for you and your family.
Hang in there, Joy - it's time to have fun!!

sharryb said...

Sock are great fun! What a good idea. My grandkids are usually not out my way (Oregon) at Christmas, but this year they will be here! I've been thinking about stocking stuffers. Cute socks have been added to my list.

Wendy said...

Oregon - oh lucky you!! I doubt if you are buried in snow like us easterners! I had some relatives living there ages ago - always meant to visit, but never did. Maybe someday.....

I am glad your grandkids will be with you at Christmas. They bring such joy! I hope they like their socks - maybe you could stuff some chocolate kisses in the toes!
I made a mistake about the "joe cool" socks - I was wrapping them yesterday and they really are "joe boxer". Sounds more like underwear (boxershorts???)

JOY said...

When you stop believing in Santa-you get underwear~

Wendy said...

Oh Joy, you make me laugh! Thanks for brightening my day!!