Thursday, December 27, 2007


A new generation is born! Grandchild #6 was born yesterday - the day after Christmas - 3 weeks early!!

A healthy baby boy. 6 lbs. 13 oz. - exactly the same birthweight as Grandchild #5 - a little girl, born January of this year.
Looks like 2007 was a good year for our family - with two new little ones to carry on the family traditions - adding some leaves to the family tree.

How will our world look to these little ones over the next few years?
They are growing up in a world where fast-paced technology is the norm. Reality shows make you feel like you really are in the middle of the jungle or whatever the scenario. I remember how excited we were to get a black-and-white T.V. - back about 100 years ago or so. We had our choice of 2 channels - wowie!

What new developments will they see in their lifetime? What other forms of communication will they experience as our world evolves?

Food for thought as we look towards the future and prepare for the New Year ahead.


JOY said...

Well, congratulations!!! 3 weeks early wow, and still a healthy size baby. That's wonderful.I know what you mean about technology being so fast paced. My hubby will be 60 in the spring and he still remembers the family's first TV. And having to call the operator and giving the person's name to connect the call. Oh, and having to go outside in the snow to the outhouse since there was no indoor plumbing yet! Now, we feel so deprived if we don't have cable or internet! I got some free tanning minutes for Christmas so I went up the hill for 20 minutes worth this afternoon. Forgot how good that feels! But yeah, you're welcome to come to the Fairmont with me of course, but I would call the local Fairmont Hotel in your area & tell them about Vancouver and what kind of deals do they offer there? Maybe they'll make an effort to compete and provide similar services, ya never know right?

Wendy said...

Thanks for the congrats, Joy. Mom and baby are doing well. Dad too! It's their first one - very exciting for everyone.

I also remember "party-lines" on the phone. People sharing a phone line. There were times when Mom would pick up the phone to make a call and the "party" would be using it. So she'd hang up and wait until they got off the phone.
As children we'd listen in on other peoples' conversations - how naughty!
Yes, today, our children and grandkids would totally laugh at that!!

Good for you - going for a tanning session. Gives you a well deserved boost - to get through this long winter.

kwrenb said...

A new baby! How wonderful! May God bless you all in the coming year.