Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Today I saw...

a red-winged blackbird! Not this one, this pic comes compliments of "google images". I was walking round the neighbourhood this morning. The sun was out and the air was nice and warm. We still have snowbanks all around, but they are fast receding. Coming to a muddy ditch, I stopped to watch the fast-moving, icy-looking water, as it ran downhill towards the village.

Then out of the blue, I heard the distinctive call of a red-winged blackbird.
It can't be! So early?
I whipped my head around to locate the bird.
And there it was, sitting on a branch very close to the mud.
I was so excited!

What's he doing so close to the mud?
Maybe the he is a she, and she's looking for bits of last summer's grass and squishy mud to build her nest.

Or maybe he/she is sitting patiently, waiting for an unsuspecting earth worm to stick it's head up out of the mud for a bit of air?
Or is it only robins who eat worms? Not sure.

I left Mr/Mrs. Red-winged blackbird to its muddy ditch and continued on my walk. I was filled with joy at yet another sign of spring. All around were the sounds of busy-ness. Twittering and scurrying as birds and little animals awaken to a new season. Bright sunshine warming my bare head. Snow that eagerly changes into swiftly rushing water. Is it Spring yet?

Smiling and happy, I reach the end of my street, where our post-boxes stand like soldiers by the side of the road. Reaching into my coat pocket, I grasp my set of keys and nonchalantly push the button.
Nothing happens.
I push again.
Oh no!

Quickly, I look around. Nobody has seen me.
Fitting my key into the lock on my mailbox, I take out the day's mail.
I can't believe I just tried to open my mailbox with my car door opener!
And my car, of course is at home, sitting innocently in the garage.


peppylady said...

I went for a walk also today looking for sign of spring.

Coffee is on.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Wendy, Gorgeous bird, isn't it???? I saw a Red-winged Blackbird in our backyard--but he flew away before I could get the camera. Haven't seen anymore.

Have a great day.

white_lilly said...

Oh! thats funny its amazing some of the silly things we do. I think I have lost track of them myself and I just laught half the time. Its good when you can laugh at yourself:)

beckie said...

The red winged blackbirs was one of my grandmother's favorite birds. I always think of her when I see them. What a treat to see one so early. It must be a sure sign of spring coming to you.

Don't worry about pushing the button-been there, done that!

Cheryl said... are so funny....I am so glad to share my world with you,,,

Our blackbirds eat worms, so perhaps yours do to...

Yes spring is just around the corner......we had a hard frost last night but the days are warm......

Maggie May said...

I am not at all familiar with Canadian birds. (Feathered variety I mean!) Whatver it is, it took a really good photo. Or rather, YOU took a really good photo.

The only bird with red colouring in England is a robin. I suppose every one knows that as they are so many Christmas cards!

Wendy said...

Hi Peppy lady - what did you see?

Hi Betsy, oh, they're so elusive, aren't they? I hope next time we'll be able to take a pic.

Hi White Lilly, oh I do lots of that!

Hi Beckie - don't tell me? You too? I thought I was absolutely crackers to even think of pushing the car door button while standing in front of the mail boxes!

Hi Cheryl, oooh, you don't want any more frosts. Frost and cold begone!!! There did I scare it away? Hope so. Enjoy the warmth and spring cleaning (outside, not inside)!

Hi Maggie May, no I didn't take this pic, I downloaded it from google. It was just perfect, so I used it. I love robins too. They are so cheerful and lively. When we see robins here we know it's spring!

marmee said...

we have had these black beauties showing up too. they are so wonderful to see.
your daffodils look great.
that photo of the birds that looks like a smile is amazing, it made me smile.

Rose said...

LOL, Wendy; I've tried to open several things with my car keys:) The worst, though, was someone else's car!

Don't you just love this time of year with all these signs of spring? Even if it turns colder again, we know that it will be short-lived and that it's only a matter of time before spring is here for sure.

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Oh Wendy, that is too funny! Thanks for making me smile this a.m. Spotting Mr/Mrs. Blackbird was an exciting event! Spring is sure to be around the corner!

Abba's Girl said...

Who knows your Red Wing Blackbird may have passed through my town. Several fed in my yard from late January to early February. The Robins and Indigo Buntings come next and we are all waiting for the Ruby Throated Hummingbirds.

amelia said...

That's so funny about the keys!! It happens to all of us at times.

I saw my first red wing yesterday too and my first grackle!! What a coincidence!! I have noticed that the hundreds of redpolls are down by about half too. I guess they're all going back to the arctic to breed!!

I can think of warmer places to breed!!!

Grammy said...

Hi Wendy, I so missed you. I am glad spring is tomorrow. Can you believe it?

Wendy said...

Hi Marmee - thanks for stopping by. Spring will be here before we know it.

Hi Rose, I've tried to open other cars too! LOL! Spring tomorrow!!

HI Jen, hope things are good at your house. Yes, I just realized spring is officially here tomorrow!

HI Annette - oh the hummingbirds! I can't wait!!

Hi Amelia, you got that right! Who wants to breed in the arctic? LOL!

Hi Grammy, hey! Welcome home! I missed you too! Happy Spring!!

JeanMac said...

Is that a Menopause Moment to pass along to Doc? Isn't it wonderful that the snow is melting?

Kanak Hagjer said...

That's a pretty bird! And it's wonderful to read about the signs of spring that show up in so many ways! The only bird with a patch of red here is the Bulbul bird. The red is near the tail.

About the made me smile!! Have a great weekend!

Ruth said...

I have a very generic minivan and there are hundreds like it in the city. More than once I have gone to the wrong one in the parking lot and tried to open it. Then I hope no one thinks I am trying to break into it.
Red-winged blackbirds are usually back the week before the Robins and to me they are spring's first announcement. Happy Spring!

Shammickite said...

Hahaha I've walked all the way to the mailbox at the end of my street and found that I have carried the car keys with me instead of the mailbiox key. But I haven't actually pressed the button yet....!!
I saw a robin in my back yard yesterday. WOOHOO! Spring can't be far away now!

femail doc said...

Yes, Jean, my menopause moment sensor is going off. How 'bout it Wendy, ready to share your season opener?

Wendy said...

Hi JeanMac - it sure is!

Hi Judy - absolutely. It's all yours!

Hi Kanak, I also like to see signs of spring in others' gardens and countries. Blogging brings us all closer together, doesn't it?

Hi Ruth, oh I can imagine you trying to open somebody else's van. LOL! I'm sure it happens to all of us. Happy Spring!

Hi Shammickite, Happy Spring too. I'll bet you next time you go to open your mailbox you'll press the car door opener and expect the box to fly open! Ha! The power of suggestion - just kidding.

Mary said...


We have them all year but they are quiet until spring arrives.

I love the sound and the bright, flashy wingbars...

And I love your walks.