Tuesday, November 20, 2007

First Snowfall

We had our first snowfall of the season! It's always a shock to pull open the bedroom curtains in the morning expecting to see brown leaves and green grass, but instead to see everything covered in white! All our withered, brown leaves frosted over like icing on a cake. Some mysterious white lumps (which will probably turn out to be flowerpots) squat beside the garden shed. The birdbath looks like a ghost.

Hubby sits at the window, upset because the mountains of leaves in our yard had not been raked up and taken away. Our lawn was always so neat and tidy when Hubby was looking after it.
But now, we have to rely on outside help to take care of our yard, and they hadn't arrived to service our property yet. Unless the snow melts and our "Lawn Crew" comes to clean up, these leaves will be sleeping under the snow all winter.
Ah well - there's always Spring Cleanup to look forward to. Wonder how much that will cost with all those extra, wet, heavy leaves to pick up!

Even though I don't like winter - would much prefer the warmth of a southern climate, I do love the first snowfall. Somehow it's magic.
It reminds of me of our childrens' delight as they watched magic snowflakes swirling and dancing in the air. Who doesn't remember sticking out tongues to catch those glittery snowflakes? There was always a mad rush to find mittens, boots and snowsuits, hurrying to get dressed and outside before the snow melted. Baking Christmas cookies. Making snowmen and snow angels. Memories to savour.

Those days are behind us now. Our children have grown up and gone. And I"m sure they are celebrating the first snowfall with their own children.


JOY said...

Oooh, the first snowfall & it's not even December yet! Here in Vancouver it's been sunny & cold.(frost on the roof tops early in the morning.) My hubby & I got out for a little drive in the convertible today and last Saturday too. We sat and had a subsandwich in the sun with the top down. Too cold for driving but at least he enjoyed getting out for a couple of hours. He did really well until his oxygen bottle ran out and we pulled over so I could hook him up with another one. Hyperventilated for about 8 minutes. Nothing too serious. I like snow but only on the mountain (where it belongs!)Altho it is beautiful for a day or two at Christmas isn't it? I was surprised he agreed to venture out since it's usually next to impossible when you can see your breath!

Wendy said...

I am glad you got hubby out. It seems he's on an upswing too! Yippee!!!!! It seems to do wonders for them to get up and out in the fresh air.
Even though it's damp and cold here, my hubby is also o.k. energy wise.
Running out of 02 is a concern, as I'm sure you know. Through experience we've learned to carry a few extra tanks in the car, because sometimes one of them leaks!!