Monday, November 12, 2007

Going down again

We're on a downward slope again. Over the past couple of days, Hubby has been unusually tired. He is sleeping more than normal.
Is it the weather?
Is it the time of year with longer darker nights?
Was it the Bath he took 2 days ago?

Showers are no more. They have given way to The Bath, which he takes once a week or so. Standing or even sitting in the shower is taxing; energy expended using his arms for washing takes its toll by lowering the oxygen saturation in his blood.

It's much easier to take a bath. Again I am reminded of mothering, of bathing a small child. We seem to be going backwards. It's a strange feeling.

COPD is like a rollercoaster ride , with it's emotional ups and downs (I think I've said this before and probably will again) There are good days and bad days. As time goes on, we begin to anticipate the cyclic nature of this illness.

Is it my imagination, or are the cycles becoming shorter?


JOY said...

Don't worry that the "showers are no more" ~My guy went thru a whole month of not being able to sit thru a shower. So, I gave him a bath and washed his hair for him. Then two days ago, after much mental preparation he decided to get me to put the chair in the bathtub and washed his hair himself and everthing. I was really surprised since I thought I'd be giving him a bath from now on too.

Wendy said...

Hi Joy,
Glad your guy seems to have found the energy to get back in the shower.
That seems to be one of the hallmarks of COPD. Just when you think they are really going downhill and won't find their way up again - they surprise you with newfound strength.
It does take it toll on our emotions. I wonder if this experience is teaching us to be strong and centered in ourselves? Not to be swayed by other's ups and downs?

I'm beginning to see where I really need help in that area, as I seem to absorb everyone else's problems. (yes I'm still searching for meaning in all this, and probably will for a long time).