Thursday, April 17, 2008

Aqua Fit Class

Went for my first Aqua-Fit or Aquacize class as it's called. I was a little apprehensive. Would the water be warm enough? Would the instructor be good - or pushy? Would there be lots of others or just a few?

I had nothing to fear. The water was warm. The teacher was really good. She kept us busy for the whole class. She watched to see if we were doing the moves properly and corrected when necessary (how she could see someone's legs under water, I have no idea!).

There were about 15 or 18 silvery haired ladies. One of them needed a walker to get about, so she parked it right up close to the pool stairs. A year or two ago I would have wondered if I was in the right class. Today, however, with my aches and pains, I didn't really care. I just wanted to move; to exercise and not feel pain.

The music was kind of "dance-band" stuff - not really my thing, but at least it had a swing to it. After a while I relaxed in the water and then it really felt good.

The last 15 minutes of the class was for "weights". How my kids would laugh at the styrofoam "weights".
First, we had to stand on a styrofoam noodle underwater. Trying to keep balance was hilarious. My noodle kept popping up to the surface, and I'd have to try again.
I never got the hang of it this class, but most of the other ladies did, so there must be a trick that I need to learn. Or maybe they were cheating and only standing on the noodle with one leg, while maintaining their balance on the other. Ha! Next class I'll check.

Then we had to use styrofoam barbells or dumbells or whatever the word is. They just look like oversized weights you'd use at the gym. The exercise was to grab the middle bar and push the weight under the water.
Well, I couldn't do that. I didn't have the strength to push them underwater (even though they were styrofoam). Everyone else seemed to be able to, so I guess I really need to build up strength in my arms.

Overall it was a good experience. And I wasn't sore the next day. So, at least it's a beginning.


Beverly said...

That sounds interesting. I hope it helps you and your aches and pains.

Beverly said...

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog about my mother's goodbye. I can see you know how I feel. We must miss our mother's forever. My mother used to tend to flowers, and I feel close to her when I am doing yard stuff. I can almost hear her saying, Beverly, You need to do more of this, or that.

I need to get some exercise in...

beckie said...

Well, good for you. A step in the right direction. Those other ladies have probably taken this class before and have learned the 'tricks'. Water is one of the best ways to exercise without hurting yourself, and doesn't that warm water feel good!

JeanMac said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed it - in a few weeks you'll be amazed.

LK said...

Sounds good. Exercise will help you in many ways. You'll learn the "tricks" soon enough!

Ruth said...

Pool exercise is the best! And the water gives lots of resistance to your muscles in a kind way. Good for you.

Wendy said...

Thanks ladies and I am enjoying the water. Really feels good. Don't particularly like the resistance, however, but I know I need it.