Saturday, April 19, 2008

A scary episode

Just when you think you have everything under control; are prepared for any emergency (lots of 02 cylinders for back-up, 2 or 3 pulsers, winter finally over, and with it, the threat of power outages) - pow! something pops up to hit you in the face.

Hubby was taking his afternoon nap. I was doing laundry (yes, we live a very exciting life). Happened to walk by his concentrator. Noticed the water level in the humidity bottle was low. Figured I'd fill it while he was sleeping. He wouldn't even know.

About an hour and a half later, Hubby wakes up. Stands up to pee (keeps a pee jar on the floor by the bed). Then all of a sudden, his 02 sats go waaaaaay down! His heart is racing and he can't get enough oxygen. He can't yell for me, so he knocks on the bedroom wall.

I'm down in the kitchen wondering whether to put on a pot of coffee or clean the kitchen sink (yes, a very exciting life). Thought I'd heard something. Hmm, guess not. Decide to put on some coffee as Hubby should be up soon.

Then I hear a crash! Hubby's thrown a bottle of Advil and his ventolin inhalor against the wall in an attempt to get my attention. It worked and I dashed up the stairs. Hubby was sitting on the edge of the bed gasping for breath. Oh my god - in an instant I realized I must not have tightened the water bottle enough.

I told Hubby not to talk. There was nothing wrong with him. It was the concentrator and I'd be right back.

I tightened the bottle and Hubby could breathe again. He recovered quickly, but I didn't. I was so upset and shaky, it took me a while to settle down.

In trying to stay one step ahead, to anticipate his every need, I actually made things worse. Maybe that was the message. Don't know, but it could have ended very differently. What if I'd gone out?


JeanMac said...

Oh, my gosh - feel for you - what a scare. thank goodness you were close by.

Beverly said...

Oh my, that's scary. I'm glad everything turned out o.k.

Michelle said...

Oh, how horrible for you. Thank God everything turned out okay.

I'm sorry to hear about the twins.

My thoughts are with you.

amybeth said...

Ah, you are learning an important caregiver's lesson. It's not your one life's mission to predict and try to find a resolution to everything that might happen to your loved one. I know it's hard. I'm sorry you got scared that way. All my good vibes are on their way to you.... -a

Wendy said...

Thanks everybody. I am trying to learn that lesson about not anticipating and finding a solution to everything, but I don't think it's working yet.
Thanks for the good vibes and good wishes everyone. I do appreciate your support.

Freadom said...

Imagine doing something like that when you're job is to take care of people. It happens. We're all human.

Wendy said...

Thanks for your reassurance, Rick. But it isn't supposed to happen!! I guess we really can't always be on top of everything.