Saturday, April 12, 2008

Life Marches On.....

Today, April 12, 30 years ago, I gave birth to my youngest. Oh my goodness, how times flies.
In the space of just over a week, we have celebrated 4 birthdays and one very sad event.

Life goes on. All 3 of my children are now in their 30's. It seems like only yesterday I was in my 30's, bringing up my own children and having a blast!

I remember in 1998, between May 30 and July 25, there were 2 deaths, 2 marriages, and 1 birth.
It was an eventful year to say the least.

May 30 - my Mom died
June 20 - my daughter got married.
July 17 - my grandson was born.
July 22 - Hubby and & I were married.
July 25 - my dad died.
That was some summer!!

And now here we are - 10 years later!


Beverly said...

Happy birthday to your son. My son will be 29 on Tuesday.

JeanMac said...

It really puts it in perspective to write it all down - busy year with happiness and loss.Take care.

Amy said...

My mom said nothing made her feel how quickly time passes quite like her youngest child's 30th birthday did. (last Nov.) Not becoming a grandmother, not college graduations for us--nothing compared to that last kid leaving his twenties!