Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First Snowfall

Snow has fallen early this year. The Japanese Maple wears a snow skirt with brown leafy ruffles peeping from underneath.
Poor pot of gold - marigolds, that is.
I left them last because they still looked so vibrant.
The frost hadn't touched them.

Now they are droopy with snow, the bright orange refusing to die.
The good thing is - this snow will melt by the weekend, as warmer temps are predicted.
Keeping my fingers crossed for a warm Halloween for the children.


Carin Fuchs said...

Oh I feel I have let you down, Wendy! I was going to remind you the next weekend to get your hose in, but have not thought about that the winter might start a bit sooner at your place.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for a warm Halloween. They are going from door to door and ask for sweets, don't they? Do they get lots?

Lots of hugs and if you could spare one or two you can give them to OH LOL LOL

Bear Naked said...
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Ruth said...

We got about the same amount of snow as you did. The Japanese maple has beautiful colour. Looking forward to warmer days!

Wendy said...

Hi Carin,
No you did not let me down. We talked about the hose thing so much that I remembered on my own. But - come next summer, I'm relying on you to tell me to take out my sparkly sandals and wear them. LOL.
Don't you do Halloween where you are? Yes, the children go door-to-door and ask for treats. Usually they get a lot and the moms and dads either throw a lot out, or eat it themselves!
Hugs back at ya.

Wendy said...

Hi Ruth - looking forward to warmer days too! Thanks for dropping in.

Bear Naked said...

Being a true Canadian mom, I always made sure that my children's Halloween costumes were always designed to fit OVER snowsuits.
One of the reasons that no matter how much she begged. my daughter was never a princess or ballerina at Halloween.

Bear((( )))

kenju said...

Wendy, thanks for the visit and thanks for the birthday wishes! And let me be among the first to wish you a happy birthday in 2 days!!

Wendy said...

Awww - Bear Naked - what a mean mother, I mean Bear you are!! My daughter always wanted to be a witch. Easy enough to put a witch cape over a warm coat. I'm with you - costumes over snowsuits!

Hi Kenju - thank you!

Naturegirl said...

OH oh!!! SNOW!!!! We have none as of yet!! Stay warm! Still great color in those pots!

Grammy said...

Snow! burrrr. I always hope for 60-70 degrees year round. I almost had it a few times. We had Thanks giving out side 1 year. I love your pictures. Even with the snow. You should put this post on bloomin tue next week.

beckie said...

Wendy, how rude of the weather to bring snow already! You were having such a pretty fall. Hope it does warm back up for a while for you. By the way, Happy Birthday!! (I know it's a little early):) Have lots of fun and birthday cake.

Cheryl said...

Dear Wendy.....Such pretty pictures, the snow always makes me think of Christmas and family coming together........I love the marigolds, that photograph tells a story......

Rose said...

I can't believe you have snow already! I'm just not ready for that, although according to the weather report we had a few flurries the other night, but they all melted before I saw any.

Your Japanese maple looks so vibrant against the snow--it seems to be defying winter.

Carin Fuchs said...

About Halloween: No we don't have Halloween. But since America has a rather huge influence some try to establish Halloween over here as well, - up to now: Without very much success!
(Had to research the above in the internet for as far as I know there is absolutly no Halloween at all and certainly no child has ever knocked on my door and ask for treats)

Lots of hugs

Amy said...

So, wait. Flowers don't necessarily die in the snow? Or are they about to die? I'm so confused.

Can you tell I don't live where it snows? I haven't lived in a place that cold since I was a kid, so I don't actually have any idea about this.

Wendy said...

Hi Nature Girl - yes snow!! And it's coooold here today. Will warm up tomorrow.

Hi Grammy - 60-70 degrees sounds like heaven! I was going to put my leaves up for blooming tuesday last week. We'll see.

Hi Beckie - yes the snow is early this year. But, it won't last. The really stuff shows up around the end of Nov. or sometimes stays away until December. Thanks for your wishes.

Wendy said...

Hi Cheryl, snow reminds me of Christmas too. And some years it hold off until Christmas Eve - then it looks like magic snow!

Hi Rose, you got that right - about the japanese maple looking so vibrant against the snow. Even the tender blossoms of the marigolds seem to be saying "go away snow, we're still alive!" LOL

Hi Carin - thanks for enlightening me.

Hi Amy - flowers generally die in the snow. These ones refused to, so I'd call them stubborn. Yes, they will die. Their season is over. And being annuals, won't come back next year. I'll have to buy them as seedlings or plant seeds myself and then plant them in pots (like in the pic) or in the ground.
Some flowers are hardier than others. Panseys sometimes bloom in the snow - as long as the temps don't drop way below zero. Spring flowers like tulips and daffodils can tolerate some snow and cold, but not for long.

Abbasgirl said...

Wendy, Your pictures are always so beautiful. If it snowed here (it did Christmas Eve 4 or 5 years ago) I would be outside rolling in it. We had a few days of fall, but it feels like summer again today.

Wendy said...

Hi Annette - summer sounds pretty good right now. I think I'll move in with you! LOL!

JeanMac said...

For some reason a small amount of snow seems "colder" than a blanket of it. I know I'll eat my words soon!

peppylady said...

No snow here not even on the mountain tops.
Coffee is on.

Carmi said...

We got slammed with an early snowstorm that destroyed trees across the city and caused some neighborhoods to look like war zones. Your perspectives are decidedly easier to look at.

Thank you for the lovely pics...what an amazing season!

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
Wow, snow. I hope your trees were okay. Your Japanese Maple does look lovely with her snow skirt.
I hope it is warm tomorrow for the trick or treaters too.
Hope you have a blessed Halloween!
I will be sending lots of happy wishes your way.
Only treats,

Kanak Hagjer said...

Beautiful colour--that Japanese maple. Even the snow on the marigold. I've seen snow just twice in my life!! So it always looks good and exciting too!

Wendy, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your kind words. And most of all for giving me an opportunity to know you and your blog better...will be back soon!

Have a great weekend!

MoM2-2GoodBoys said...

Oh MY! It was downright frigid around here but we didn't have snow.

That japanese maple is beautiful. I love the picture as the header on your blog. I will have to take a picture of the large Japanese maple in front of my house and post it for you to see. It is my favorite tree in the yard.

It's definately warmer today. Great for all the kids going out tonight for Halloween.

Wendy said...

Hi JeanMac, I think you will too!

Hi Pepperlady - I'll be glad to send you some snow. LOL!

Hi Carmi - you guys got slammed with a snowstorm?? That's unusual. Your poor trees. I guess they're not used to snow. Ours are.

Hi Sherry,
Our trees are fine. They're quite used to snow. We did have a warm Halloween - some of the little ones were too warm in their furry animal costumes. Very unusual! Thanks for your wishes & treats!

Hi KH - Oh, I'll send you some snow too!! I enjoyed your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine.

Wendy said...

Hi Mary, oh yes please! Post your pic of your japanese maple. Mine's only a sapling. And they take time to grow. We did have a warm halloween - hope you did too!

femail doc said...

You Canadian bloggers once again remind me that I've got no beef here in Colorado. Yesterday was 70+ degrees. I have a neighbor with a Japanese maple that for two decades has never left small bush size. Beautiful leaves and fall color.

Mary said...

It seems so strange to see snow on your blog and a few others. I hope a warm spell follows.