Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunny Sunday

My Japanese maple, shining in the morning sun.
Yesterday it rained all day. It was so dark and gloomy.

I used to enjoy rainy days when my children were small.
We'd bake cookies or make finger paint or playdoh.
Those were the days I cooked playdoh on the stove. Flour, salt, water, and oil, oh yes and cream of tartar too. Cooked until it formed a ball. Took it off the stove and waited a bit until it cooled.
Then the fun - we added food colouring to make red and blue and yellow and green balls of gook!

Outside it was raining, but inside was love and laughter. I miss having children at home.

After my last post of feeling like my old self again, I had a horrible night.
It figures - I just post about how much better I'm feeling when wham! Back to menopausal insomnia.

I awoke at 12:15 a.m. after a strange dream.
I dreamed that I was in the garage with my mother (she's been dead for 10 years) and 2 dogs or wolves. The wolf/dogs were circling around me, but I wasn't afraid. One of them then put its front paws on my shoulders trying to weigh me down. I tried to shrug it off, but it wouldn't come off. I still was not afraid, but I wanted to leave.
My mother was sitting serenely on the garage floor.
I said to her "I'd like to go back home with you."

Then I woke up. And stayed awake for about an hour.
I walked about the house trying to figure out this dream. Wondering why I was slipping backwards into insomnia again.
Maybe it was the dark and dreary day. Who knows.

But today the sun shone. I spend a good part of the day walking. Walking in sunshine. Breathing in the good fresh air. Feeling like my body is fitting once again. Letting go of that dream. Letting go of dreary days.
I know I will sleep better tonight.


Beverly said...

And I hope you do sleep well. I don't mind rainy days if I don't have to go out. It rained here this past weekend, and I'm so glad that it wasn't like that when we went to Washington DC.

The sun was out today, though. It was beautiful.

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

What a strange dream! It's one of those that you think surely has to mean something! I am glad that you had a sunny Sunday to walk and get some exercise in, and that you have a good night's sleep tonight.

Grammy said...

The wolf is a spirit guide telling you to hold Steadfast.
I am so glad you are doing better.

Cheryl said...

Hi Wendy.......perhaps the weight of the dog was the burdens you carry and the dog circling you means that you are keeping them to close and need to let go a little........perhaps your mother sitting there serenely was giving you a message to try and do the same.........I don't know....this is just how I would view it.....

I am glad the sun was shining for you......I hope it stays with you for a while......and helps you to rebalance......

Ruth said...

I would hate to contemplate the meaning of some of my midlife dreams! ;-)
I made a lot of playdoh with the same ingredients you describe. In the fall I coloured it orange and added cinnamon to the flour. Yes, I miss children at home too.

Bear Naked said...

I have found as I get older that I don't remember my dreams once I am awake.

Bear((( )))

Abbasgirl said...

Playdoh and cookies...brught back memories from my childhood.

It's amazing how out of whack we get when we do not sleep.

Your maple tree is gorgeous. You can come to Texas in the midst of a hormonal rage and help me trim holly bushes which have not been trimmed in nearly a year. Just kidding, we would do something more fun than holly bushes.

Love, Annette

Rose said...

A sunny morning and a walk are just the thing to banish those night-time misgivings. I think Cheryl's dream interpretation makes a lot of sense.

I do hope you had a good night's sleep and are feeling like your new self today, Wendy. And that maple tree is gorgeous!

Carin Fuchs said...

Very interesting dream! I don't know anything about dreams but what if the dogs/wolves are indeed the burden and responsibilities you need to carry and feel around you? (as Cheryl has already stated) Then your dream, that they are putting their paws on your shoulders and you could not shrugged them off, could mean that you are not scared about the 'danger' around you and you are not going to run away or break/fall down and get crushed under the weight of your 'burdens'. You are not going to get rid of them - sadly - but you are not going to break down under the pressure. A possible reason for the presence of your mother in your dream is only to be seen for you, because it depends about the relationship you had with her.
So as far as the dogs/wolves are concerned I would think a rather good and encouraging dream, wouldn't you agree? Are you sure the restlessness after you awoke was due to menopausal insomnia? Not maybe because of the dream?

Remember my beginning, I don't know anything about dreams but, it could be a way to see your dream, don't you think?

Amy said...

I have a Japanese maple, too--it's the only tree in my yard that changes colors, lol.

I hope you sleep better tonight.

beckie said...

Wendy, I hope you don't let the night invade your day. It's hard to let go of those typesof dreams, buit I think Cheryl has a good interpration-go with that. :) Soon the grandchildren will be old enough for playdoh and cookies!

Wendy said...

Hi Bev, yes I did sleep well, thank you. I'm also glad you had good weather for your trip.

Hi Jen, it was strange. Thanks for stopping by.

Hi Grammy, well this wolf was really holding me down - and hard. I didn't like it very much. Thanks for your interpretation.

Wendy said...

Hi Cheryl, thanks for your interpretation. Yes, I do believe those heavy dog/wolf paws were burdens on my shoulders and my mother was sending me a message that all would be well. I never thought about the other dog, circling around. Hmmm - will have to give that one some thought.

Hi Ruth, oh these dreams certainly are strange aren't they. Well - someone else who remembers making playdoh! Wow - and the good thing is that even if your child put some in his/her mouth, it was o.k.

Hi BearNaked - I usually don't either. But this one woke me up. So I remembered it.

Wendy said...

Hi Annette - some of my happiest memories are of being a young mother raising my children.
Oh, I'd love to come to Texas. We could trim holly bushes or whatever. LOL!

Hi Rose, thanks for stopping by. That maple is pretty. Really stands out now that everything else is brown or green. But it needs to grow a bit.

Hi Carin - oh I know the dream woke me up! But staying awake was due to menopausal symptoms that are hanging around.
I think your interpretation makes sense too. I got along well with my mother - loved her very much. Wanted to go home with her, rather than stay in the dream. Maybe she was telling me I couldn't come home with her because it wasn't my time. Her serenity did make me feel better.

Wendy said...

Hi Amy - I didn't know you guys had maple trees that far south?
I did sleep well, thank you.

Hi Becky - thanks for stopping by. Some of my grandkids are old enough for cookies and playdoh, but they live too far away to see regularly. But at least I can see them sometimes. Naw - the dream will fade. I am happy with everyone's interpretations and good wishes.

naturewitch said...

Hi Wendy

Insomnia can be a real pain, very debilitating. Have you tried removing all electronic equipment from your bedroom? I just did this - took out the phone and the clock radio and the lamps. Now the only electric things we have in our bedroom are two salt crystal lamps, which are supposed to emit negative ions. I've slept very soundly ever since.

The other thing you could try is some herbs or Bach flower remedies. A qualified herbalist would be able to help you with appropriate ones.

Sweet dreams. xx

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
Interesting dream. I keep a dream journal. I find when a dream wakes me if I will write it down than I can get back to sleep faster. Also I like to look over a dream the next day. Some insight does help with every day living. Wolves and dogs are our friends...even ones that seem to be holding us down.
Walking in the sunshine does make for good sleep. Hope you continue to sleep well.
Your Japanese Maple is lovely.
I would want to bring some leaves in for my table, so very pretty!

Wendy said...

Hi Naturewitch, thanks for your suggestions. I am intrigued with your crystal lamps. I've seen them but not bought any. I've slept with lavender under my pillow with no success. We'll see...

Hi Sherry, I'd love to send you some maple leaves. We have tons! Yes, I did feel that the dog/wolves were friendly - maybe that's why I wasn't scared.
I used to keep a dream journal. Don't any more. If I have any more weird dreams, I'll probably start recording them again.

JeanMac said...

Keep on walking, Wendy. You're always in my thoughts.

Wendy said...

Hi JeanMac - thank you. Some days its easier than others.