Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Long and Winding Road

On Saturday I went to visit littlest Grandson in Ottawa.
This was the trip I had wanted to make 2 Saturdays ago.
Back then, it was a perfect summer day and I really really wanted to make that trip.
I didn't work out, so I went for a walk that turned out to be special anyway.

This Saturday, it was also a perfect summer day.
Hubby is feeling fine now, so off I went.

We had a picnic lunch in Gatineau Park. The sun was shining, light breeze blowing, bugs stayed away. My daughter-in-law made the lunch, so it was a treat for me! I'm often still in "mother mode" and take it upon myself to make all the food whenever we get together as a family.
So, it felt good to be spoiled.

Littlest Grandson was a joy. He's 6 months now and growing nicely.
Eldest Son and his Lovely Wife look happy.
Which makes me happy too.

As I was driving home, BearNaked's poem kept buzzing around in my head:

Dust bunnies Dust Bunnies
Where did you go?
I've looked everywhere
Up Down High and Low
Now Dust rabbits appear
Where you were on the floors
But I don't care
'Cause it's summer Hare

I decided to make up my own version:

Dust Bunnies Dust Bunnies
How do you do?
We're under the bed
Laughing at you!

Dust Bunnies Dust Bunnies
Still on the floor?
We've turned into rabbits
We'll hop out the door!

Dust Rabbits Dust Rabbits
Where have you gone?
We're leaping and jumping
All over the lawn!

Ah well, what can I say? It was a loooong drive.


beckie said...

I have always loved that verse. Thought it fit my style of house keeping very well. But yours was even better! So glad you got to finally go on your visit. Those little ones grow uo so quickly,

Cheryl said...

Hi Wendy......Isn't it wonderful to see our children happy and with little ones around them.
I love the verse and your additions......it souns like a fun drive to me.
Glad to hear that hubby is good at the moment....

Wendy said...

Hi Becks - Mine too - style of housework, that is. Life's too precious to waste cleaning all day. And it is nice to watch little ones grow up. It all goes too fast.

Hi Cheryl, oh yes - a mother's delight - to watch her children with their children. Never did I think that grandmothering would be so satisfying.
As for houswork, well.....

Bear Naked said...

Oh, your version of the dust bunny poem is so much better than mine.

I told you I wasn't much of a poet.

So nice to hear that you had a good time with your grandson.
It is times like that you really feel it was worth all the trouble raising your own children.

Thank for the *linky* back to my blog.

Bear((( )))

Rose said...

Wendy, I've always gotten my best inspirations while driving or taking a shower:) Your poem is very clever! Glad you got to visit your grandson and had a wonderful day. They grow up so fast!

annette said...

Glad you had a great visit.

Wendy said...

Hi BearNaked - no my poem is not better than yours. You had the original idea of turning the dust bunnies into rabbits. I just had a long drive, so let the words buzz around in my head until something funny came up.
Oh I loved the mother stage and I love the grandma stage.
The "link" - well I finally figured out how to do it. I'd forgotten.

Hi Rose, I guess the mind does wander at such times - or maybe it's the rhythm of the shower water or car bumping over the road.

Hi Annette - yes I did. Tks.

Anne said...

Dust bunnies, dust bunnies,
I've just found more!
Didn't I see you, just now,
Out the door?

Dust bunnies, here again,
I guess it's true--
With rabbits, there always
Will be more of you.


Wendy said...

Oh Anne - that was absolutely delightful!