Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tiddly Toadstools and Buzzing Bees

What an appropriate place these toadstools chose to appear in our backyard. As if they wanted to blend right in with the garden gnome.

This one looks almost like a serving platter, with it's cup-shaped top. We've been having cool and rainy weather these few days. So these toadstools just pop up all over the grass.

Now for the "real post". That was just to start things off, so I could lead up to........... are you ready for another poem?


Here goes. I was watering a basket of impatiens when I saw a sweet little bumble bee buzzing around. I quietly withdrew to give it room at the flower basket - but it just zoomed off.
I began thinking about what somebody said "if we have no bees, then our world will disappear in 4 years". Can't remember who quoted that, but I read it on somebody's blog.

Now for the poem:

Wouldn't it be weird
If the bees disappeared?

I am hoping somebody out there in bloggerland will finish this for me.
No rules. Just be creative. Whatever pops into your head.
Let's have fun on a rainy day!!


Anonymous said...

Wouldn’t it be weird
If the honeybees disappeared?

The fifties’ science fiction
Highlighted Cold War friction;
The sixties’ fallout worry
Built shelters in a hurry;
“A new Ice Age?” we pondered next,
Then “Greenhouse effect! Our future’s hexed!”
Meanwhile there’s no clear solution
To ocean pollution.

So yes, it will be weird,
After all we’ve feared,
If, just four years after bees are gone,
Mankind won’t live to see another dawn.


beckie said...

Wendy, the toadstools Do look right at home with the Gnome! Cool weather? Send me some, please. It's been hot, hot, hotter here with 90's and humidity of 80% and more. I'm melting.

annette said...

Those toadstolls are huge! Are they edible?


Cheryl said...

Hi Wendy....I love the tiddly toadstools, so perfectly placed for the fairies.....

Have you got longings to be a poet???

Wouldn't it be weird
If the bees disappeared
Would the world be grey
Would we fade away???
I wonder..........

Carin Fuchs said...

LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL I've never done one before and maybe I shouldn't do it again but here it is:

Wouldn't it be weird
if the honeybees disappeared?
Wouldn't it be incredible funny,
if bears would start buying honey?
But wouldn't it be ruin,
to queue up behind Master Bruin?

Beverly said...

The photo is perfect, and yes, the toadstools picked a perfect place to grow.

Not feeling very poetic today.

Wendy said...

Hi Anne - you really have a talent! Thanks.

Hi Beckie - I like the toadstools choice of location too! Certainly, I'll send you lots of cool air. We've had more than enough!

Hi Annette - I have no idea and I don't care to find out! I can barely eat a mushroom, purchased at the grocery store, let alone a home-grown toadstool. But - ya never know. I have a neighbour who asked me one day if she could pick my toadstools to eat. I told her "by all means" as long as you know which ones are edible and whick are not. So, I have no idea if she's picking mushrooms and toadstools from my lawn. These were in the backyard, so she wouldn't go there.

Wendy said...

Hi Cheryl - you got that right - about the toadstools being placed for the faeries! Loved your poem. It keeps you wondering....

No - that's the strangest thing. I never wanted to be a poet. And I never even liked poetry! Found it boring. Don't know what this sudden urge to rhyme is. Somehow it just starts as a rhythm in my head and then the words come. Maybe there are weird brain changes at menopause - who knows?

Wendy said...

Hey Carin - you're a poet and you don't know it! LOL. Thanks for your contribution.

Hi Beverly, thanks for stopping in. And you don't have to feel poetic - it's just silly stuff.

Rose said...

Wendy, the toadstools look like little figurines that you purposely planted there!

I can't compete with the clever rhyme of anonymous, but here's my attempt:

Wouldn't it be weird
If the honeybees disappeared?
The flowers would fade,
No food could be made.
Mother Nature would frown,
Turning all that is green to brown.

Bear Naked said...

I know I am not a poet but since you started writing these cute little poems on your blog I find I am now thinking in rhyme when I come here to visit.

Wouldn’t it be weird
If the bees disappeared?
Then poor bears like me
Couldn't eat the honey.

We'd look very skinny
Not like our pal Winnie.
So bears of the world must unite
To put up a good fight.

Bring back all those bees
We beg on our knees
Our worlds would be broken
True words have been spoken.

Bear((( )))

Wendy said...

Wow - you guys, Bear Naked and Rose - I'm impressed!!
Oh this is such fun! I wish anonymous would get a blog, so we could all rhyme on her's too!
Loved your poems. Still amazes me how it all came to be, but it's fun and today it's raining, so I really needed something to chase away the blues.
Thanks, ladies.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
Tiddly Toadstools are lovely!!
I enjoyed reading all your comments and the poems.
I have a little Honey Bee friend that walks around on my leg when ever I sit outside, very darling. I sat very still the other day while Little Bee licked my leg. I like to think I was kissed by a bee.

Mary said...

Love your gnome...I'm looking for one.

Please send some moist, cool air here. We're parched and dry. HOT!


Mimi said...

Glad you stopped by. Those fungi look delectable. Who knows? Maybe one day when things are settled and you are ready to retire, then perhaps we will be neighbors!

I can't even think in rhyme when it comes to bees. It's so devastating to know that without either bees or butterflies, we would all starve to death. *sniff*

Wendy said...

Hi Sherry,
Awww, how sweet - to be kissed by a bee. It's a wonder it doesn't just fly away. Must sense a kindred spirit in you.

Hi Mary, hope you find your gnome. I bought a couple years ago at a walmart, I think. Will certainly send you lots and lots of rain and cool temps.

Hi Mimi - oh, I'd love to be your neighbour. We'd climb those mango trees or train a monkey ( or some animal that really lives in the Virgin Islands) to get them for us.