Monday, August 4, 2008

Bugs and gremlins

Not the type I like. Bugs in Bloggerville.
Friday, I was sent a message that my blog (and others) were being investigated for Spam.
Hmmm - what naughty bug entered Google Blogger and mischieviously changed some internal codes?

By Saturday, I was sent another message to say Blogger was sorry and the "bugs" were all straightened out.
Good - let's post! Well, it's too late tonight, I'll post tomorrow.

Sunday - spent the day outdoors. It was beautiful and sunny, so I took the afternoon and drove along Lakeshore Road, car windows open, fresh summer air blowing through my hair. Hubby sleeps in the afternoons, so rather than sit at home, I chose to be part of "real life" once again. I watched as families picnic-ed by the waterfront; small children running about, laughing with delight. Some people were wind surfing, their "sails?" bright colours thrashing about like kites.

After I while, I pulled into a Tim Horton's and ordered an iced cappuccino to go. Walked over to the nearest park and watched more children play. Feeling a little sad, but enjoying the children.
A little boy came up to me and held out his shovel. I looked up to see his parents sitting on a bench not far away.
I held up the shovel: "is it o.k.?" I asked.
They nodded.
So Liam and I played with sand and shovels.

Today, Monday, I babysat my granddaughter. Had a wonderful day and tonight sat down at my computer to post.
Darn! The pictures I tried to upload refused to upload.
"There were internal errors" the message read.
What internal errors? Those were my pics, from my own camera!
Ah well - "bugs" or maybe it's "gremlins" this time.
Stay tuned......


Mimi said...

Blogger needs bug spray me thinks.

beckie said...

Wendy, so glad you got out and had an enjoyable afternoon. You need those breaks. A couple of nights ago, I tried to read several post and kept getting the message "can't open' then was kicked off line. I think your was one. At least now I am able to read and comment. Lets hope they get it fixed. I love looking at others; pictures.

Cheryl said...

Hi I hear a note of melancholy in your post.......aaahhhh when your childre were tiny and life was relatively normal.....
sometimes it is nice to look lovely to play with the little boy, they take us away from our troubles......

You must be so frustrated.....look forward to seeing a normal post soon......

Bear Naked said...

Hi Wendy
Sounds like you had an idealic day.
Hopefully all the *bug* problems that you have been encountering from Blogger are fixed and you will be able to upload your pictures.

Bear((( )))

Carin Fuchs said...

While reading your post a chinese saying crossed my mind, I'll TRY a translation (from my mother language that is, not from chinese) :

You can not avoid that the birds of sorrow fly over your head BUT
you can avoid to let them built nests in your hair.

As long as a "Liam" or any other kid can take you back in time and make you built a sandcastle (or at least try to built one LOL) I am not really worried that the birds of sorrow have already build their nests in your hair.

Amy said...

Your "playdate" with Liam made me smile--I generally say yes, too, when I'm the parent in that situation, partly b/c I think it teaches my girls important lessons about community building.

Hope things start looking up for you soon.

annette said...

Your day sounds so wonderful in some ways, but I know as a care taker how sadness can creep in and catch us by surprise.

The little boy sounds lovely as did your time w/ your grandchild.

I hope you can post your pictures!


Q said...

Dear Wendy,
So glad you are back! Silly Blogger...
I understand. Sometimes I wonder what this life is all about. I think you found the answer with the children at play. I am glad you took a long drive and spent some time outside. Hugs to your Granddaughter.
Love and light,

Shammickite said...

Blogger had a bit of an upset tummy but it's all better now. Must have had some BloggerBismol!
Nice to have an afternoon in the sun, playing with your new friend! I'm sure you need to get outside to enjoy the nice weather as much as possible.

JeanMac said...

Sounds like a lovely day, nice when parents acknowledge not all strangers are "bad". Hope things get straightened out for good!

Beverly said...

Your post reminds me of myself. I often go grab a bite to eat somewhere by myself. often I enjoy just sitting there watching the interaction of families.

I had my blog inspected once upon a time because of the suspicion of spam. I finally got a clean bill of health. I could post, but I had to sign in with the identity thing with all the funny letters.

Hope you can get your pictures up.

Mary said...

From Friday night into Saturday I coudn't view many blogs and I knew Blooger was responsible...

Wendy, you had a day that was good for you but like a lot of us, you feel a bit sad. Understandably so...memories come back of little children you had and when you cared for them in a normal household.

I understand.

Last week my daughter and I were tired of walking at the shopping mall so we sat and watched the little toddlers play on the equipment (all padded playground). We laughed so hard and at one point I turned and looked at her, 26 years old already. Seems like yesterday when I saw her slide down the board for the first time.

Wendy said...

Hi mimi - I agree!

Hi Beckie - oh yes, that afternoon did me a world of good. I guess we just have to expect some "kinks" or "bugs" in bloggerville. Oh well!

Hi Cheryl - yes you are right. I was watching families doing ordinary family stuff on a sunday - wishing my life would be ordinary once again.

Wendy said...

Hi BearNaked - thanks, I'm working on it.

Hi Carin - what a wonderful saying! Oh, I think I have a few birds nests tangled in my hair. Maybe it's time to cut it?

Hi Amy - I agree with you - you can always tell who would be an appropriate person to play with your children and who would not. And yes, community building is important.

Wendy said...

Hi Annette - yes, I did enjoy playing with that little boy. Children are true expressions of themselves.

Hi Sherry, I often wonder the same thing - what's this life really all about? And when I'm playing with children, everything else disappears - feelings of sadness, aches and pains, even the time of day!

Hi Shammickite - Bloggerbismol indeed! That's a good one! LOL!

Hi Jeanmac - oh yes, in a park in a residential area, most people are receptive to "strangers". I imagine it would be different in a city.

Wendy said...

Hi Beverly, it was the interaction of families that brought sadness to my soul that sunday. Wishing my life was back to the pre-COPD days. And yet - I know it's important not to dwell on the sad feelings, as they will tarnish the time we do have together.

Hi Mary - thank you for understanding. I guess there were a lot of us locked out.
Isn't it strange to be looking at our adult daughters and imagining them as toddlers? Where has the time gone? Ah well - we are lucky. To have watched our babies grow into adults....we are truly blessed.

Rose said...

Wendy, I saw your comment to someone else earlier that you couldn't get on your blog and then saw the comment on Blogger about spam. Don't you hate all the little technical problems with computers? I don't understand any of it, so I get so frustrated.

Glad you got out for some fresh air and some time alone. I'm sure granddaughter time was wonderful, too. My grandkids always cheer me up!

Wendy said...

Hi Rose, thanks for understanding. I don't have too much patience with technical stuff either. Oh yes, grandkids certainly give us a lift!

MoM2-2GoodBoys said...

Good for you for getting out of the house to enjoy the beautiful weather on Sunday. Did I ever tell you my Husband loves to wind surf? Now that his leg has healed he tries to catch the wind when ever it blows. I too love to watch all the colorful sails blowing in the wind.

Somehow, I think that Liam was sent to you to cheer you up. Let's not forget you made him happy too, just by taking the time to play with him.

Hope the bugs and gremlins work themselves out. I want to see those pictures.


Wendy said...

Hi Mary,
Just posted my pics - my opening dahlia. I'll bet your hubby loves wind surfing. It looks like so much fun!