Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Lughnasadh's Day

This post was supposed to appear on August 1st - the festival of Lugh.

In ancient times, people celebrated the harvest in early August. It was a time to enjoy the fruits of their labour.
Lugh was the sun god, symbolizing the beginning of the waning sun.
From now on the sun would lose a bit of its strength each day, as nights became longer.
I hope we can all enjoy our Harvest, if not from our own gardens then from a Farmer's market or the local grocery store.


Cheryl said...

Beautiful post appears to be a good harvest locally here....the hedgerows are full of berries.....plenty of fruits in the orchards....

beckie said...

The things you learn in blog land! Differnt cultures all through the ages seemed to know they should pay homage for a bountuful harvest. And how interesting to learn about them. Thanks Wendy for an informative post.

Bear Naked said...

And Happy Lughnasadh's Day to you also.

I have never heard of this before now.
I will have to remember this for next year. I certainly will have to learn how to pronounce it before I start wishing people "Happy Lughnasadh's Day!"

Bear((( )))

annette said...

I learned something new today. Thanks for your post.


MoM2-2GoodBoys said...

Nice post! I have never heard of "Lughnasadh Day"

Hard to believe it is August and summer is almost over. I recently posted about the bounty from my garden. I am enjoying the fresh, vine ripened flavors while it lasts.

Fall is just around the corner though! That means Apple picking time and pumpkins too! Trips to the cider mill.....hmmmmm....makes me smile....

JeanMac said...

Good post, Wendy, I tend to forget how fortunate we are.

Shammickite said...

The tomatoes are ripening in the garden.... now if only it would stop raining!
Happy Lughnasadh's Day !

Rose said...

Thanks for this interesting info, Wendy! I don't know much about ancient Celtic mythology, so this was something new to me. Like Bear Naked, I will have to learn how to pronounce his name:)
We certainly do have lots to be thankful for this year; we seem to have an abundance of fruits and vegetables.
I was just noticing the other day how much earlier the sun was setting; the ancients had a good idea here.

Wendy said...

Hi Cheryl,
At harvest time there is so much abundance. I am glad you are enjoying yours.

Hi Beckie - I do enjoy our cultural diversity. This is a pagan or celtic festival. I have a great respect for the ancients.

Hi Bear Naked - it is hard to pronouce, so Lugh's day or Lammas as the Welsh say, is much easier.

Wendy said...

Hi Annette - I do respect the old ones in their wisdom.

Hi Mary - haven't been around to visit your blog. Been having more computer bug problems. Sigh!
Glad you are enjoying your harvest.

Hi Jeanmac, hope you are enjoying the fruits of your garden.

Wendy said...

Hi shammickite,
Oh we are having way too much rain too! And the chipmunks are stealing my cherry tomatoes! Oh well, what can we do? Maybe do a Sun dance to encourage more sunny days! LOL!

Hi Rose, yes, I know - it didn't seem to long ago that I was walking around at 9:30 at night and it was still light! Now, it's really dark at that time.