Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer'ssssss Back!!!!

Yippeeeeeee!! My marigolds are singing in the sun.
Yellow hibiscus showing off their sunny faces!

Impatiens are soaking up the sun - oops! they're shade flowers - o.k. then, soaking up the warmth.

I was really getting discouraged with all the rain we've been having the past few weeks. The mornings and evenings too were cool, making our summer so much shorter than it should be.

Here are pink hibs crying in last week's rain. I tried to make this pic look sad, but it doesn't really, they actually look pretty good with droplets of water on them.

But never mind - the sun and warmth are back! And so I'm spending the day in my garden, cleaning up, tidying up, and just loving it.
Hubby is fine now. At least today. We do take things one day at a time around here. He's had a rough time these last two weeks, but seems to be a little stronger today. That's the nature of this illness - we enjoy the good days while we can.

Happy gardening everyone. I hope you all have a wonderful day!


Beverly said...

I hope your summer stays for as long as you want it. We hee in Florida begin to look for cool weather long before it ever arrives.

Lovely pictures. Hibiscus are probably my favorite flower here in Florida.

Cheryl said...

Hi pleased the sun is shining on you.....your beautiful flowers talk of summer....lovely Hibiscus, I have never seen one that colour.

Glad hubby is good at the moment.....hope it continues for a while.

Enjoy your sunshine and feel the warmth of the sun on the back of your neck as you tend your garden......

beckie said...

The cool and the rain ceratinly don't seem to have hurt your flowers. They look wonderful. So bright and fresh yet. Ours are starting to slow ans show signs that fall is coming. We have been having cool weather here too-thank goodness. August can be brutal! But last week and this have been delightful with low humidity. I have the windows open and I am loving it. Glad hubby is having a good day and I hope it lasts.

JeanMac said...

Beautiful flowers! I'd love to send you about 10 degrees of ours - we are in the 30's

Bear Naked said...

Hi Wendy
Your photos are awesome.
I agree the pink hibiscus look quite happy rather than sad.
If you get a chance come over to my blog today (Friday) if you can.

Bear((( )))

Shammickite said...

The sight of those pretty flowers should cheer your hubby up. We've had a lot of rain too, the grass is still green whereas this time last year it was yellow and crunchy!

annette said...

Your flowers are beautiful. I went to the nursery yesterday to buy a pkg of pumpkin seeds, time to plants them. I looked at fall tomatoes, will wait until I return from vacation to buy them. Bought dill and cilantro. I am so looking forward to fall flowers. Keep posting these wonderful pictures. I pray you and your husband have a blessed day. (remember persedangvere!)

Rose said...

Your hibiscuses? hibisci?? anyway, they look beautiful! I think they were laughing in the rain:)
Glad Hubby is doing better; enjoy the sun and warmth and just being in the garden.

Mimi said...

Your hybrid Hibiscus (the cutie yellow) is gorgeous! I am glad summer came back for a bit!

Femail doc said...

Those yellow hibicusses (hibisci?) are spectacular! We've just returned from another 'king of the road' trip to southwestern Colorado where the sun shines 363 days per year, but not for the 2 days we were there. We drove over 'the highway of legends' which is supposed to have incredible views and high granite walls, but alas, we spent the entire ride literally in a cloud. Your bright yellow flowers look pretty good right now; I definitely sympathize with your rainy day woes.

Wendy said...

Hi Bev, Hibs are my favourite too.

Hi Cheryl, thanks for your kind words. Yes, I have been out in my garden with the sun on my back and enjoying as much of this summer as I can.

Hi Beckie - I do lots of container gardening. My pansies in the front garden are drying up, but the containers still look good. Isn't it nice to be able to open windows to the fresh air? I love it!

Wendy said...

Hi Jeanmac, yes I've noticed you've been having unusually warm weather. I'll take it! I love it hot! Especially when I can escape indoors to my airconditioned house. LOL!

Hi BearNaked, sorry I didn't get over to your blog on friday. I've been spending my time outdoors.

Wendy said...

Hi Shammickite, it's true. With all this rain, our lawn looks green. Whereas, most summers, it's brown.

Hi Annette - thanks for your kind words. I hope you have a nice vacation.

Wendy said...

Hi Rose - thanks. I'll enjoy my garden and I hope you do too.

Hi Mimi -me too. How was your vacation?

Hi Judy - well that was a strange vacation you had. Hope all is well at your end. Thanks for the compliments re my hibs. I love the sunny yellow too.