Monday, February 25, 2008

Sometimes I feel like a bridge between 2 worlds coming in and life going out.
I spent Sunday with Baby Grandson, who is just turning two months old.

I picked him up out of his crib and held him all warm and snuggly in my arms. Putting my nose in his hair, I took a deep breath of "new baby smell". Ahhh, there is nothing to compare with that scent. I was in heaven!

I looked deep into his eyes and saw that he was still between worlds. Not quite in this one yet.
Once babies start to focus their eyes and begin to interact, you know they have arrived. But Baby Grandson hasn't. Not yet. It will take more time. He's still too little.
Rocking, cuddling, this innocent little body, I was immediately transported back to the days when my children were small.

"Enjoy them while you can. They grow up so fast", people used to say to me all the time.
Yeah, yeah, I used to think. As if I could hold back time.
I did enjoy my children and they did grow up fast.
But I never thought past the Mommy stage. Never projected that far into the future when I would become a Grandma.
Now I'm here. And it feels good!

Coming back home, I noticed Hubby's glazed eyes. He was tired. He's very tired these days.
I know he hates it when I leave him and go out - especially for a whole day.
He doesn't say anything, but I intuitively know.
I understand. He feels helpless in the face of "what if".
What if - the power goes out.
What if - he feels dizzy and loses his balance.
What if - he can't catch his breath.
What if something terrible happens.

I often wonder how he manages to get through each day. He just looks so tired, but he doesn't give up. Not yet. And I'm happy he's here.

From one extreme to the other.
Grandbabies and grandfathers.
One entering this Earth
And one getting ready to leave.

This significance of my role in Life at this point in time, is not lost on me. I am beginning to feel like a spiritual midwife.
Not sure I signed up for this, but this is where I am in Life.
And Life is meant to be lived.


Elaine A. said...

What a beautiful post about life and how precious it is, from beginning to end...

Thanks for visiting me and your nice comment. I completely understand about getting "lost" in the blogosphere! ; )

Wendy said...

Thanks for stopping by Elaine. I don't know where you Moms find the time for blogging!
You have a fun site with lots of good information to share.