Monday, June 30, 2008

Blame it on the Rain

There must be something weird in the air. We have been having thunderstorms and weird energy patterns. Power outage that lasted 20 minutes. Then my internet provider was down all day yesterday.
Raging skies and then cooling winds. Pouring rain, then soft, summer breezes.

Last night Hubby and I were tucked up in bed. Hubby was just slipping off into dreamland, when suddenly, I jumped up, threw back the covers and started rummaging in my night table drawer.

"What are you doing?"
" I have a poem in my head and must write it down - or I'll forget it by morning!"
'Poem?', he must be thinking. 'Since when has she ever written poetry?'

I'm blaming the energy. I've never been good at poetry, much less limericks, but here goes:

There are socks on the stairs,
Shirts draped over chairs,
And underwear under the bed,
But, I'm begging you pardon,
I'm off to the garden,
It's cleaning and housework I dread!

So - let's continue our "forget housework, the summer/garden/sunshine is calling" (except for naturewitch who is in the middle of winter) poetry and whoever wants to post something - please do so. It doesn't have to be a limerick. There are no rules. Never any rules to stifle our creativity. Just silly, summer, release...


JeanMac said...

Glad you jumped up and wrote this down. Cute.

Amy said...

LOL....I guess if I lived in Canada, I'd appreciate summer more. A haiku for you:

Humid days descend.
Temperatures reach one hundred.
Florida, I sweat.

Cheryl said...

Loving the sound of your crazy weather, good for the garden.

That is one cute poem......inspiration is lacking tonight. I have worked in the garden for six hours solid and I am shattered......

Wendy said...

Hi Jeanmac - feel free to extend this limerick....

Hi Amy - sounds like you're sweating your buns off. Thanks for your input.

Dear Cheryl, shattered and sore, work no more, go get yourself a nice coooool drink and a soft pillow. So, it doesn't rhyme - who cares. Have a good rest.

Rose said...

Wendy,you are on a roll, LOL. Like Cheryl, I'm exhausted tonight and the brain is not functioning well. Will have to think about this and see if I have something to add tomorrow.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
I also must write a poem down. If not it stays in my head and dances about and I can get nothing else thought about!
I love your ditty. So very fun.
I am very tired tonight, I worked 15 hours today packing up my June decorations, cleaning my house, and decorating for July. Still have linens to iron tomorrow. I like ironed napkins and pillow slips!
Amy's haiku is very nice.
Your weather does sound crazy. We are a few degrees below normal. I have been enjoying a cool, wet summer so far.

annette said...

I love reading about your love of summer. We had a real cooling trend yesterday, due to extreme lightning and clouds it was down to 95.

Beverly said...

I can identify with amy's haiku. It is indeed hot. Our temperatures don't hit the 100's here on the west coast since we're near the gult, but it is hot and humid.

When it is too hot to mow,
Outside I do not go.
Inside I stay with my a/c
Reading or blogging or whatever pleases me.

beckie said...

I love all these! Wish I could join, but a poet I'm not. You get up to write lyrics, I get up to make lists of things to do.:)

Femail doc said...

I hate the heat.
I hate the heat.
Read my poem,
It's neat.
Replete with beat.

Anonymous said...

An ugly, large heap of to-do’s
Is piled high on my desk. I should choose
To deal with this stack.
But–alas and alack–
It’s been there a long time. Old news.

There are phone calls I need to return,
And papers I must shred or burn.
But Sudoku’s such fun,
And I’m longing to run,
And there’s German I’m wanting to learn.

There are promises made I must keep,
And miles I should go before sleep.
But right now I’ll read,
Yes, escape’s what I need,
I just don’t want to deal with that heap.


Wendy said...

Hi Rose, glad you stopped by. Don't think too much, just let things dance through your head.

Hi Sherry,
Wow - working 15 hours! You must be exhausted. Hope you are able to rest a bit in your garden.
Didn't know what a haiku was. Had to look it up. Thought it was Amy's spelling mistake or a secret code word. LOL!

Eeks Annette! 95 is cool for you???

Hi Beverly - I like your poem. Thanks for sending it out. Lucky you to be living on the gulf side. I'm guessing you see lots of dolphins frolicking and playing in the water.

Wendy said...

Hi beckie, I'm not a poet either. That's why I'm blaming it on weird energy patterns in the air. BTW - did you guess that "blame it on the rain" was a song by milli vanilli back in the 80's??

Hey Judy - you should hang up your stethoscope and become a poet! That was neat!

Anne - hahahahaha - that was hilarious! I can only manage one verse - but some of you can do several. I take my hat off to you!

Carmi said...

My grandfather used to do just that when he was in bed. After getting hit with a lightning bolt of inspiration, he'd write it down on a pad of paper he kept on his nightstand for precisely this reason, then went back to sleep. Some mornings, he'd wake up and had dozens of works all over the place.

I do the same thing now. Must be the writer in me!

BTW, found your link on Beverly's site. Couldn't help but notice that you're from Hudson. I used to cycle there all the time - I grew up in Laval and lived in DDO before moving to Ontario. Good to cross paths with another good soul from the homeland. We definitely miss the place.