Sunday, June 8, 2008

Smells of Summer

Pheeeeeew! Eau-de-skunk!
I stepped outside for an evening stroll.
Yuk! I hope this skunk is a few streets over - not right under my back-deck or hiding in the culvert under the driveway just waiting to ambush me.

Yesterday was a scorcher. 86 degrees and tropical. That means hot, humid and heavy air. Definitely not good for Hubby.
So he stays inside - where it's cool.

My eyes swept the driveway as I made my way to the street. No skunks - good. Walking around the neighbourhood, I soaked up the warm evening air - inhaling the smells of summer; lilac blossoms, lily of the valley, and other fragrant flowers I couldn't identify. A smokey smell - was someone making a fire? Not allowed in our community.

Strange how the world works: just under 2 months ago, we were still buried in snow. Back then I was longing to see grassy lawns instead of all that cold white stuff.
Now the trees are full, leafy and shady; spring flowers brighten up front lawns and gardens. And it's hot, hot, hot.

Here in this part of the world we often skip spring and jump right into summer.
A crescent moon follows me as I walk.
A firefly winks at me through the neighbours trees. Firefly? It really must be summer, even though we're still two weeks away.

I madly look about for more fireflies. None.
I guess it really is too early. This one must have been a scout - sent forth to see if the time is really right for the rest of the firefly clan to come out of hiding.

Movement catches my eye and I look up to see a bat fly overhead. Yes, we have bats here. They're gentle creatures and just fly around in the dark. They don't bother anybody and fly high enough, out of reach.

Back home again. Did not meet Mr. or Mrs. Skunk - thank goodness, nor any raccoons or rabbits this time.
But I did enjoy my quiet evening walk.


Cheryl said...

Oh I did enjoy that walk with you could have gone on for a bit longer though.
We live in a very old house and have long eared bats in our loft. I love them....I enjoy watching them leave the roost as night draws nigh. Often sit on the decking and watch them feeding in mid flight. Last year we actually had one join us in the lounge. Hubby disappeared, looking quite pale. Doesn't like the wings (strange guy). I opened the conservatory door and it just followed me out. Amazing.

Lovely post, you have a great way with words.

annette said...

I am already tired of summer. In my neck of the woods, many of us long for least a few days of it. Glad you did not meet the skunks! I am getting ready to walk now. It's already 80 and humid. At least the humidity helps in the wrinkle department or so I have been told the last 46 years.


Femail doc said...

What a nice walk on a hot summer night! We've had a welcome start to June with cool throw-the-blanket on sort of weather.

beckie said...

Wendy, lovely walk. I enjoyed each sight and smell(not the skunk though!) and could see the bats hovering. We are HOT here with the 3 h's heat, humidity, and haze! Spring skipped us too for the most part. I knew this would be a bad time outdoors for your husband. Thank goodness for AC. Hope your temps. moderate soon.

Beverly said...

Boy, it seems to be hot everywhere. We're having high 90's and, of course, high humidity. I'm so thankful for a/c.

Unfortunately, the truck driver did not survive.

JeanMac said...

That was a great post- I "walked" as I read it.

Wendy said...

Hi Cheryl,
Glad you could make it - it was a nice walk, wasn't it? Old houses are special (except when the roof leaks or the plumbing doesn't work). They have nooks and crannies and often an atmosphere that you just can't get with a new house.
So you don't mind a bat for company - we must be "batty" old ladies. LOL. (o.k. - young grannies).

Bear Naked said...

What a perfect description of a summers' evening walk.
Thank you for sharing it with us.

Wendy said...

EEks Annette! I can't imagine ever being tired of summer - but I guess it depends on where you live.
Walking in humid weather can be challenging. Sometimes its better to wait until it's cooled down a bit. Oh yes, the moist air is good for the skin.

Wendy said...

Hi Judy, I guess your weather is as unpredictable as ours. You'll probably be putting on the AC before long.

Hi Beckie - it was fun to walk, wasn't it? Glad you could make it too. Yes, hubby is much happier with AC - and our temps will be cooler as the week moves on.

Hi Bev - I agree - AC helps us through the really hot and humid days. So sorry about the truck driver - but maybe it was a blessing in disguise. Having to live with extensively burned skin, not to mention the psychological scars may have been too much for the poor man.

Hi JeanMac - thanks for "walking" with the gang. Tomorrow, we're all going to swim together (just kidding).

Wendy said...

Oops - I didn't see BearNaked hiding behind that blanket. Thanks for walking with all of us. We'll do it again some time!

Rose said...

I enjoyed this walk with you, Wendy. Like you, we did not have much of a spring, but seem to have gone straight into summer. I saw a firefly the other night, too; I thought I was imagining it, but no, it was for real.

Hope you're feeling better; summer colds are the worst. I just read your last post--I like your idea of medicine!

Mary said...


When there's so much going wrong with weather around the world - flooding, fires, it seems unfair to complain about heat, drought, and humidity, doesn't it?



I enjoyed your walk. The smells of summer take us waaaaay back.

Nice post, written so well.

You can have the skunks. I haven't crossed a skunk path in a few years.

By reading your comments, I guess I'm not alone longing for Fall and Winter already.


Wendy said...

Hi Rose, Yes my summer cold is gone. I think it was the strawberries and cream loaded with calories that cured me. LOL!

Hi Mary - Oh, I'm NOT looking towards fall. Not even close. I'll take the hot, humid and sweaty weather any day.
Thanks for stopping in.