Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Solstice

A picture says a thousand words - and this is no exception.
Sun rising over Stonehenge on the longest day of the year.

A celebration by the ancients.
Celebrating the Sun at its zenith.
From now on the days shorten, until we come to Winter Solstice.
When the Wheel of Life turns again, changing our seasons.

Mid-summer - the mid-point between planting and harvesting is celebrated over the next few days.

For us in this part of the world, we've only just finished our planting. Some still at it. Harvesting seems a long way away.

But today - summer is here! End of school for the children. Long summer days, reading peacefully in the shade, or swimming, hiking, biking.
Ice cream, watermelon, BBQ's. A time to be more social. People wave at each other from their gardens or as they walk along the street.
Families on holidays at the beach, parks, the zoo. Picnics, concerts in the park, tai chi on the grass, singing by the water.
Watching ducks and ducklings swim by.
Birds singing from the trees.
Smelling roses, honeysuckle, jasmine.
A time to cherish our days outdoors - and time for fun!


Cheryl said...

Happy Summer Solstice Wendy.....I am someone who loves this pathway to autumn. I love your descriptions. We have ditches all around our garden. I was on my knees weeding the other day and a duck and four little ducklings swam very sweet.
The weather here is still cool and its raining at the moment. So far our summer has been more like spring. Strange year.

Wendy said...

Hi Cheryl,
I like your way of saying "pathway to autumn". It makes things sound so much smoother - just like they're supposed to be.
How nice to have a family of ducks swim by. The little ones are so sweet, aren't they?
Our weather has cooled off too - and we are having rain. We should have had this in the springtime. Looks like everything is turned around this year.

Stephanie said...

that pic is so calming

kenju said...

Wendy, thanks for the visits and nice comments. I love your photo of Stonehenge; a place I've always wanted to see.

Re your comment: Myrtle Beach can be great, but there are many parts of it you'd want to avoid. If you go, stay in the northern parts of the area.

Wendy said...

Hi stephanie - I loved it too. Wish I could visit Stonehenge some day.

Hi Kenju - thanks for the advice re Myrtle beach. Your photos are really lovely.
I do hope to visit Stonehenge some day too.

beckie said...

Wendy, what a great tribute to the Solstice. Your description of summer time activities brought a smile to my face and many happy memories of childhood. It seems a ot of us are on a fast track these days and would be so much happier to take the time to enjoy summer. Great post! Thanks.

Naturegirl said...

Summer is here! I love those 3 words!
Love your morning sky! Tomorrow I will feature a garden party celebrating Summer! Happy summer skies! NG

Bear Naked said...

Beautiful photo of Stonehenge and a lovely description of everything that makes the summer season so wonderful.
Thank You

David said...

Hi Wendy, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I do appreciate your warm words.
I like your post, but thought I would add my 2 cents.
Being French (last name is Poirier) we do not celebrate the longest day. But rather we mourn the shortest night!



Rose said...

A lovely description and tribute to summer! Thanks for the reminder to slow down and enjoy all the beauty of this season.
The photo of Stonehenge is perfect for this celebration.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
Happy Solstice!
Your picture is beautiful. Someday I too will see Stonehedge in person. Doing my meditation to the sunrise and sunset is a joy. Walking in the twilight is divine.
So happy I have met you.

Amy said...

I forgot it was the solstice, although we did up in the pool from early afternoon until pretty late at night--so I guess we celebrated by default!

JeanMac said...

Your words captured summer perfectly - I'll go out for a bit and enjoy our yard.Happy summer to you.

30 years from Darling said...

Happy Summer. I love your post! It reminds us all to live a poetic life!

annette said...

Happy Summer to you! I am looking forward to Happy Fall and Happy Winter! It was 102 today. I am working up my nerve to go outside and weed the flower beds.


Wendy said...

Hi Beckie - that's for enjoying the solstice with me. Don't think I could go through the year without summer!

Hi Naturegirl - we're on the same wavelength! Summer is here!! Enjoy your party.

Hi BearNaked - yes - and summer has just begun!

David Poirier - you can add your 2 cents anytime! Mourn the shortest night? Hmmmm - that's interesting.....

Hi Rose - hope you enjoy the season too.

Hi Sherry - loved your Solstice post too. Oh I had a wonderful day yesterday, watching the sunrise, and walking in the twilight. Totally calming for the soul.

Wendy said...

Hi Amy - any way you can - celebrating with children in the pool is what summer is all about!

Happy Summer JeanMac.

Hi Peggy - thanks for stopping by.

Oh dear Annette - weeding in 102 heat!! I hope you are in the shade at least. Happy Summer to you (and no I don't wish for a happy fall yet - our summers here are so short. Maybe we could exchange some weather. LOL).