Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Moon in June

Stepped outside onto our back deck last night...
To say good-night to my plants.
A huge light, partially obscured by clouds, partially hidden by trees shone down on me.

I slammed the screen door behind me and quickly crossed to the edge of our deck. Looking up, I strained to see through the clouds. That was the moon, wasn't it? It was so bright! At least the little bit I could see from the doorway. Too many tree leaves in the way.
Drat! Ran into the middle of the lawn for a better view.
Only a ripple of silvery light.... washing over some clouds.
But it was a huge ripple - like a big round ball!

That's it. Back in the house (Hubby had retired for the night).
Flung open the garage door.
Sprang onto my trusty bicycle wearing capris (which Hubby insists on calling pedal pushers) and flip-flops.

Pedaled like a mad-woman through our quiet streets seeking the Moon (she's almost full)!

Looked up and saw a bat flying overhead - wonder if it's the same one from my evening walk not long ago. This one looks bigger. Do they grow that fast? Or did I see junior last time, and this was mother or father?
Never mind -

Faster and faster I pedaled, trying to get to a place where there were no trees in the way. A little voice inside my head whispered "Hmmm - pedaling your bike in flip-flops? Not too smart. Weren't you the person who had plantar fasciitis not too long ago? Hmmmmm??"

Too bad - this was not going to be a long ride (pant, pant - whew, how much further?)
At least wearing capris (summer pants that end just below the knee), no long pants material would get caught in the bicycle chain. Been there, done that!

It really wasn't too far to the end of the street and up a short hill, but I was going as fast as I could - trying to catch a glimpse of the almost-full moon before a cloud totally hid it's round, serene, shining light.

I love to watch the full moon come up. Hubby and I used to do that in the summertime while feasting on a dairy queen chocolate sundae. We'd drive over to the DQ pick up our ice cream and sit on a bench (or in the car if it was cool or mosquito-y), and watch the skyline for a first peek of Ms. Moon as she rose from the darkness to light up the night.

For me it was a celebration of Mother Moon in all her splendor. For Hubby it was just fun.

Got to the top of the hill. No moon.
I waited. Still no moon.
Darn! Where did it go?
Please don't tell me I was chasing a street light.
No. Mind you that has happened before, but not this time.
I would be out walking and see light bobbing through the trees.
Ah ha - the moon! Nope - just a street light.

But this night I was sure. I did not make a mistake. It was such a big round luminescence - no doubt about it.

Finally it was really getting too dark to be out on a bike. Besides - what if Hubby woke up looking for me? No sense sending him into a panic for nothing.

Filled with disappointment, I pedaled home - at a more leisurely pace, flip-flops still intact.

Back home in my bedroom, preparing for bed, I went to the window to close the shades. Peeking out, I scanned the clouds. Nothing.
Fine. Don't shine then!

I was just turning around when..... a shine..... a glow.........a round light slowly emerging from the darkness.
There She is! At last! I smiled to myself.
Nobody can harness the Moon. She comes out when she's good and ready.


beckie said...

Well, we all do odd things in our pedal pushers and flip-flops, but at least you were on a quest. Glad you got to see her. I love a full moon just coming over the horizon. Looks like yo could reach out and touch it it's so big.

30 years from Darling said...

What a beautiful post!!


Femail doc said...

I love your night quests. Wish we had a picture of you flying after the moon on bike with pedal pushers and flip flops. Complete the picture, wearing someone's hand-me-down t-shirt?

Beverly said...

A great post, Wendy. The moon has outshone itself here the last two nights.

annette said...

What a wonderful way to spend the evening.


Bear Naked said...

Wonderful story.
And guess what?
I call them pedal pushers also.

Carin Fuchs said...

Servus Wendy (Bavarian for Hi)! What a fantastic (and inspiring) read that was, I think I should go moon hunting myself on of those nights! LOL LOL

Cheryl said...

I love your posts I always feel as if I am there with you. You are a woman after my own heart....I to love the moon.
I watched her last night glide through the silhouette of the old oak trees.
I look forward to tonight and seeing her in all her glory. Shall think of you when I do.

Wendy said...

I must say I love all you wonderful ladies who read my blog and can totally relate. Life is an adventure and we must grab every minute we can!

Beckie - ohhh it does look like you can touch it when it's huge, that's why I was in such a hurry. Figured if I waited too long, it would get smaller.

Hi 30-years-from darling - thanks for your kind words.

Judy - I don't wear hand-me-down T-shirts, but often I go out without a bra (noooooo), so there was more than flip-flops flip-flopping!!

Wendy said...

Hi Bev - still love that new pic of you as a little girl. Glad you got to see the moon too!

Hi Annette - it was and glad to share it.

Hi Bear Naked, don't tell me you too! I thought my husband was the only one left in the world that called them pedal pushers! I told him that nobody would understand what he was talking about. LOL!

Hi Carin - go for it!

Hi Cheryl, hope you were able to see the full moon last night. It was cloudy here, so missed it.

Rose said...

Lovely post, Wendy. Ironically, just an hour ago (it's Thursday night now)I saw the moon riding low in the sky partially obscured by clouds. I thought I would love to try to get a picture of this so I ran all the way out into the beanfield to get an unobstructed picture. It probably won't turn out, but fun anyway. I would have joined you in your bike ride!

Mary said...

Oh, Wendy. Ready this was like watching a movie. I know the moon you speak of...I spent an extra 10 minutes on my front porch the other day at 5:30 a.m. looking to the moon at south. Glorious!

Don't stop pedaling toward the moon, Wendy. But put real shoes on.


Wendy said...

Hey Rose - that's wonderful. I hope your pic turned out. Isn't it nice at this time of our lives we can appreciate the wonders of nature and enjoy the moon?

Hi Mary, no I probably won't put real shoes on, unless I plan for the ride. When I do things spontaneously, whatever I'm wearing - is it!

Isn't it awesome! Looking at the early morning moon like you did? I remember driving to the hospital for nurses training a few years back and it must have been about 5:30 or 6:00. I watched the full moon going down, just as the sun was rising. Really really beautiful!