Monday, September 15, 2008

After the Rain

Can you see the spider web?
It's intricate pattern delicately woven through the leaves, catching a moment's light between rain clouds.

Ah yes - I never tire of photographing my favourite hibiscus......can you see how gentle rainwater has collected deep inside the flower? Like a cup of nectar waiting to nourish a thirsty hummer, or curious bee.

We've been lucky. Steady drumming rains, gentle winds of change, no damage - just softness in our gardens and lawns.
Others have not been so fortunate.
Love and Light for those suffering from Ike's storm.


Beverly said...

Lovely photos. I lose looking at spider webs. One morning we were on our way out east on a field trip. The bus took a side road and along the side was a lot fo foliage filled with huge spiderwebs. The sun glistened through them, making them look like dangling jewels.

Shammickite said...

We had a bit of Ike overnight, some hard rain, and strong winds. How have you fared through the storm?

Wendy said...

Hi Bev, yes they do look like dangling jewels. Thanks.

We had the same as you, Shammickite - strong winds (branches down all over our property), rain, and the power blipped off and on a couple of times durin the night. The alarm went off on my husband's oxygen concentrator and the second time (5:30) I just stayed up. It was hot in the house and so I went out into the cool fresh air in my nightgown. Nobody out at that hour except the birds. It was refreshing.

Rose said...

"Raindrops on roses..." No, that's not how it goes...sorry, that just popped in my head, but I do love raindrops on flowers. Your hibiscus is so pretty, Wendy, it's worth showing as many times as you want! We, too, have had rain from Ike and some wind, but nothing damaging. I think we can consider ourselves very fortunate today.

Bear Naked said...

Beautiful photos.

Thank you for commenting on my blog today.
If by writing about my personal experiences with TVT surgery just helps ONE woman then it will be worth it.

Bear((( )))

JeanMac said...

Lovely post.

beckie said...

Wendy, your hibiscus are lovely. Show them all you want. Glad you didn't get any of the damaging winds. We had 5" of rain and some winds but other than a few twigs down, everything is okay.

Allie said...

That spider web is really amazing!

naturewitch said...

Hi Wendy

That hibiscus is breathtaking, really beautiful. It reminded me of when we were children and we'd drop a hibiscus off a high balcony and watch as it twirled down to the groud. We called them dancing ladies. They always make me smile. Thank you. xx

annette said...

Lovely pics, such a relief to eyes weary of downed trees, seeing homes that are nothing but splinters 30 min south of me. Your pics are a blessing to me.

We are fine, have power and water, I was blessed with so much prayer power.


Wendy said...

Hi Rose, yes we are very fortunate, not to have any damage from Ike. Raindrops on Roses - oh, I like that one.

Hi BearNaked. I had never heard of that surgery. I am glad you posted it on your blog. I am sure somebody will benefit from your experience. That's why we're all here. Hugs.

Hi JeanMac - thank you.

Wendy said...

Hi Beckie - glad you are o.k. You never know where those devestating winds will blow!

Hi Allie - I'm glad you could see it. I didn't know if it would turn out!

Hi NatureWitch - thanks for sharing a memory with us. I do like hearing others' stories. Dancing ladies - I'll remember that.

Wendy said...

Hi Annette - I am soooooo glad you are back - safe and sound. And with power and water. Thanks for stopping by, as I'm sure you have millions of things yet to do to get your life back on track.