Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Sure Sign of Autumn

Summer's gone.
I've packed away my summer shorts and tank tops.
Kicked off comfy sandals and let them lie at the bottom of the closet.
Abandoned my flip-flops.
I dig out long pants and warm sweaters to wear for my morning walks.
Thick socks and running shoes feel better on cool mornings.

And so, while rummaging in the back of my clothes closet, I came across what I thought was an empty shoe box. Peeked inside to find:

Sparkly, jewelled, golden and glitzy summer sandals!

It was 2 summers ago, when shopping with my daughter, that I purchased these on a whim. A moment of madness.
Well - why not? She was buying pretty, young, totally impractical sandals, so why couldn't I? Just because I'm not young any more, doesn't mean I can't spend my money on silly, fun shoes. Right?

I remember bringing them home. Hubby took one look at them and said "The soles are too flat and hard, won't they hurt your feet?"
But like a star-struck teenager I had overlooked that most important part of the footwear and went for the jewels! Gold straps that laced halfway up my legs! What fun! I could pretend I looked like an Egyptian princess (o.k. queen....mother). Never mind that I don't have pretty legs. Who cares?

So I wore the sandals that first summer. And they hurt my feet. Hmmmm.
And the next summer after suffering with a bout of plantar fasciitis, I thought my practical self had given them away.
I guess not! So here they are to taunt me once again. Summer's over and here we are!

Note to Carin: Since you have volunteered to remind me to put away my garden hose before winter, perhaps I can ask you to remind me to dig out these sparkly sandals next summer - so they don't spend another year tucked away in my closet. LOL!


Bear Naked said...

I went to the hairdresser this morning in a pair of sandals.
My feet were freezing.
I guess it is time to pack them away till next year.

Bear((( )))

Carin Fuchs said...

I wont forget it, Wendy! LOL LOL

BTW They look lovely!
I don't mind my shoesize (42)but sandals like yours don't really look that glamourous at my feet! LOL LOL But as for not so comfortable, who cares? LOL LOL NOBODY I know buys her shoes for comfortable reasons! LOL LOL Havn't we all in our closet the odd pair (s!) of shoes we can't really walk in? I like shoes with higher heels, about 7 - 8 cm, but I have the urging need now and then to get me a pair with heels about 10cm high! I usually wear them only once! LOL LOL
I give them a pretty and warm home where they can rest most of the times and be loved. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

peppylady said...

Sound like your more on target then me for fall.

Grammy said...

I bought a pair with bling too, this year to go with a Grey dress. They are still being used in my avatar picture, But in real life, they are still in the back of our truck. I took the Grey dress back. And wore the one in my picture to my daughters wedding. I have pictures in the link to my myspace. I bought 3 dresses and had every one vote what one to ware. But at the time Pictures were taken after the wedding I was back in my comfy black slip ons. So all the wedding pics have me in the wrong shoes.

Wendy said...

Hi BearNaked - yes we do have cooler days than our friends to the south. Sometimes frozen feet is worth it, if only to hang on to summer a little bit longer.

Hi Carin - glad I gave you a chuckle. Your comment reminded me of a time when I actually wore high heels while riding a bike! I was trying to impress a real cute guy - years ago! As if he actually was looking down at my feet. LOL LOL!

Wendy said...

Hi PepperLady - I'm not so sure about that. And anyway - there's lots of time.

Hi Grammy - oh too bad. Well, I'm sure people won't really notice. They'll be looking at your happy face and pretty dress.

JeanMac said...

Too funny, Wendy, I do stuff like that all the time!

Cheryl said...

HI Wendy.....pretty sandals.....I would persevere with them next year and wear them when there is not much walking to do........

I think when we are out with our daughters we get carried away with the moment.....I have many times made a bad purchase and in the end my daughter gets the item.....Hhhmmmmm....

annette said...

Very pretty sandals, my friend has a term for all beautiful shoes which hurt and we continue to wear - Cinderella shoes.

I look forward to the day in Nov or Dec when I can wear a sweater.

Have a great week.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
I see these dazzling sandals as the finishing touch to a Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile outfit...I see shimmering golden tights (for warmth) and a caftan in muti-hues of silk. I see you at home enjoying your sandals in your October house with hot cider and warm fires.
Happy Autumn,

Rose said...

Those are great-looking sandals! I hope you remember to get them out and wear them next summer.
I have a few boxes of impractical sandals in my closet, too. Like you, I had a bout of plantar fascitis a couple years ago, and put the flat sandals away and bought some Birkenstocks. But every once in awhile a girl wants to look good even if it hurts, right?

I can see you wearing those with a flowing white dress, Wendy--a Greek goddess!:)

Beverly said...

I've bought a few things like that...pretty, but not practical for me. As for sandals, well, I have ugly feet, and I am most comfortable with sneakers or an oxford type shoe with orthotics. At this time in my life, it's comfort all the way.

marmee said...
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marmee said...

i have just read your last three posts. caregiving is the hardest job and noncare givers don't understand how much it takes out of you. you have to take care of yourself so you have something to give.
this august 14 years ago, my dh was burned 90 percent third degree burns. he survived and we are the better for it. we are both different people. but there were many times i didn't think i had the strength for the journey or the patience. but thru my faith and support of family and friends we both made it.
we had 5 children at the time this happened and now another one who is 9 years old. it seemed impossible to handle everything but sometimes you just have to take it a day at a time.
there were days he said i should have died so it would have been easier on you. but now we have so many blessings, time together, 4 grandkids, we live on a farm in the country, our love is stronger and more sure etc....
i will pray for you and your husband that God will give you strength and perseverance.

Wendy said...

Hi Jeanmac, I'm glad I'm not alone.

Hi Cheryl, I can understand you giving your purchases to your daughter. I've done that too. Good thing we can laugh about it.

Hi Annette - I like that - Cinderella shoes. LOL!

Wendy said...

Hi Sherry, I think you hit the nail on the head. I was thinking of getting my nails done before Thanksgiving - and since I found these egyptian sandals, I might as well wear them - on Thanksgiving no less. I'd wear socks over them and take the socks off in the house!
Well, maybe I won't really do that, but I like your illusion of a queen of the nile, draped in gold and silk - what fun!

Wendy said...

Oh Rose - a greek goddess in flowing while robes! How exciting. This is really getting fun. Or are we gearing up for halloween? LOL!

Hi Bev - well ya gotta wear what feels right. Especially if you enjoy walking.

Wendy said...

Hi Marmee,
I am so sorry you had to go through all that pain with your dear hubby. How terribly sad. Yes, there must have been times when you both wanted it to be over, but I am happy for you that you hung in there and can now reap the rewards.
It's hearing from people like you who give me hope and strength to weather the storms and take things a step at a time - every day.
Bless you. I am glad you stopped by.

Ruth said...

I traded in sandals like those for "old lady footwear"...according to my daughters. Good treads, arch supports and neutral, serviceable colours...sigh....

Wendy said...

Hi Ruth - ah well, I guess we do have to wear old lady shoes most of the time. Our feet aren't getting any younger.

Mary said...

Wendy! LOL! I've done the same thing. We both love the sparkles :o) There are shoes in my closet I've worn once - those were bought with my daughter's urging.

During the past few days, I wore coats and socks but summer really hasn't ended yet. I'm ready for colorful leaves to be blowing and blankets on the bed.


beckie said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who loses things in the closet! A good find thouh if you can remember them next year. I've put my sandals away for the fall. My toes get too cold. Hope you get some nice fall days yet.

Shammickite said...

Love thise sandals, definitely "Queen of the Nile" style!!
I bought some spur of the moment fancydancy shoes last week... not sandals, but black and silver heels... I will probably only wear them once a year to my annual company Christmas dance... that way they should last 20 years! And I couldn't resist the price.... $5!

Allie said...

Oh how fun! Sometimes it's nice to have something that's pretty and impractical.

Wendy said...

Hi Mary,
What is it about daughters and shoes? Never mind - it's just fun. Our leaves have turned practically overnight! They really are getting pretty. And yes, we have put a blanket on our bed these nights.

Hi Beckie - I hate cold toes too. Socks are so much more snuggly and warm. I even wear socks to bed - but usually strip them off half-way through the night and throw them on the floor. LOL!

Wendy said...

Hi Shammickite - you paid $5 for a pair of black and silver heels? Lucky, lucky you!! I hope they will last you for years. I once bought a beautiful blue shimmery long dress for a new year's eve party that hubby and I never went to. The dress still hangs in my closet - never worn. Now I'm too fat to fit into it, but I will not give it away - yet.

Hi Allie, I 'm with you. Pretty and impractical kind of gives us a lift, doesn't it?

Naturegirl said...

Oh I do love your sparklers laced up the ankle and all! Perfect shoes to dance with the fairies who no doubt hide out in your garden!Yes there's always next year!

Wendy said...

Hi Nature Girl - thanks for stopping by. I do have faeries dancing in my garden. How did you know??? LOL