Monday, September 1, 2008

September 1st

A flock of geese startled me on my walk this morning (no, I didn't bring my camera, so this pic is one I "googled").

It's Labour Day and the official end of summer activities. Swimming pools and public beaches close because the life-guards have to go back to school.
Or because the children have to go back to school.

It seems to me it's too early to close up. Summer's not finished yet.
We have another 3 weeks to go until September 22, when fall officially arrives.

And this weekend has been glorious! We're still in summer mode: lots of sun, warm temps, blue skies, shorts, T-shirts and flipflops.

As I bask in our late summer weather, enjoying a pina colada on my back deck (o.k. a cup of iced tea, but that sounded boring), fall seems light-years away. My dahlias and hibiscus are still in full bloom, not ready to "retire" yet.

However, on my walk this morning, I heard the unmistakable honking of a flock of geese.
Canada geese! Already?

Hey - it's way too early for them to leave just yet. It's only the First day of September!
Would somebody please tell them to turn around and go back.
I'm not ready to say good-by to our geese.
I'm much happier to welcome them back in the spring.

A bold blue jay alights on the hedge nearby, staring at me with his beady eye, an acorn in his beak. Chipmunks hustle and bustle around the yard, gathering nuts; while saucy squirrels throw acorns down on us from high up in the trees.


annette said...

Many of your geese will winter very close to my home. I welcome the migrating geese, it spells the end to high temperatures. Yesterday I woke up in Colorado to 34 degrees and landed in Houston to 101. I thought I would melt as I loaded my suitcase into my trunk. Have a great week!

Beverly said...

We have some Canada geese who stay here year round. I was driving by the community college the other day and there by the pond was aflock of them.

I'm sure that you must hate to see summer leave...we have it long after September 22.

Wehad some rain and wind yesterday from Gustav....just outer bands.

Wendy said...

Wow - what a temperature change! We're having lovely weather- temps about mid-to-high 70's. Sometimes September is nice like this. Other years, cool and rainy.

Oh well then - I'll send our geese off to you for safekeeping. I'm sure they'll love wintering with you. Just keep them safe and happy, please. LOL!

Wendy said...

Whoops that last comment was for Annette.
This one is for Beverly - I didn't know some Canada geese stayed all year round with you. I thought they all migrated. Ya learn something every day.
Oh I know you have summer much later than Sept 22. You can garden to your heart's content!
Glad Gustav is staying away from you.

Cheryl said...

Lovely September post......we get lots of canada geese here now....infact I hate to tell you but they cull them every so often as we have so sad, I can't bear it.....

Enjoy your pina iced tea.....

Rose said...

Enjoyed the "pina colada" with you on the deck, Wendy, while watching all the signs of autumn:)

Despite our harsh winters here, we have Canadian geese that over-winter here as well. The first winter here they completely confused me--one day a flock flew south, the next a flock flew north. Finally I realized they were going back and forth between the retention ponds in town and the forest preserve a few miles north! Now I never know if they're flying south for the winter or just making a day trip for food.

beckie said...

Wendy, I love your header-so bright and cheerful. I know what you mean about it being September already. Where did the summer go! Those geese flying south may know more than we do about the coming weather. I am always a little saddened when I see them leaving for the year.

Bear Naked said...

I so agree with you about not wanting summer to end.
It is such a short season here in Canada and soon (way too soon) the leaves will start to fall.
Every year I seem to dread the winter time more and more.

Bear((( )))

Grandmother Goddess of the Garden said...

I too love to see flocks of Canadian Geese fly overhead! We have quite a few that nest at our library around the pond. Hope all is well with you and yours!


JeanMac said...

All our neighbors gather to trade morning chit chat after putting recycle, etc. out - this morn it was def. damp although the sun was shining.

Wendy said...

Hi Cheryl, thanks for stopping in. I had a glass of iced tea just waiting for you, but you never turned up. A little bee told me you were still trimming shrubs... LOL.

Too bad about the geese - it makes me sad and angry when people kill animals in an attempt to control the numbers - it's definitely not fair to shoot a poor defensless animal in cold blood. Too cruel. I think nature should just be allowed to take it's natural course.
Whew - I guess I got carried away...lecture over!

Wendy said...

Hi Rose - hope you enjoyed your pina colada - next time I'll put a tad more rum in it!!

Oh, I know - there are times when the geese appear to be flying the wrong way. But in your case, I guess you never do know! Interesting information. I didn't know they overwintered in your area too.

Wendy said...

Hi Beckie,
Thanks for the compliment re my header. I finally figured out how to do it.
And - this pic is alllllll mine! Yup - my yellow hibiscus. Not one I stole from google. LOL!
It does brighten things up a bit. I may borrow Cheryl's idea and change the pics from time to time.
Hope you can enjoy more gardening weather - even if the geese have chosen to desert us.

Wendy said...

Hi Bear Naked - yeah, me too. I dread winter more and more each year. Our plan (hubby's and mine) was to winter in the south. But he got sick, so we were never able to put that plan into action.

Hi Kendra,
Seems like everybody has seen what we think of as "our" canada geese flying around. I am happier to see them back in the spring. Fall is a sad time.

Hi JeanMac - oh we've had our summer back. Today was in the mid-80's. Definitely summer. I BBQed hamburgers for supper and spent the day outside.
Hope your September warms up a little and the damp disappears.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
The season is beginning to change here. Cool and rainy, Gustov had a bit of a punch left over for my gardens.I too love the end of summer and long for just a few more days with the bees and butterflies.
Autumn migration has begun...I am enjoying each minute I can with the Hummingbirds. We have local Geese year round. The migrating ones do come over. I will hear them, way up high, in the spring and fall.
I love your header and do not know how to do it???
If you have time to tell "how to" I would love to try one. I have a couple of pictures that might work.

Shammickite said...

The geese have been flying overhead and doing their bestest loudest honking here too. I think they must know when September comes. I'd like them all to go south for the winter but many of them stay here in S Ontraio and survive in the corn fields and by the lakeshore where people feed them.

Wendy said...

Hi Sherry, I hope Gustav did not destroy your gardens. Those hurricanes can certainly wreak havoc. It's so easy for the Header - just click on "edit" header. Never mind, will tell you on your blog - or your email.

Hi Shammickite - so you live in southern ontario - a wonderful spot. I've heard the weather is no so extreme and spring comes much sooner than here in Quebec.
I can see why some geese overwinter where you are. Here they wouldn't have a chance - they'd freeze to death. So I look forward to welcoming them back - not saying good-by.

Mary said...

Your geese over winter here, so I see them constantly. They ruin playing fields and cause grief for homeowners, but I like them :o)

Yes, summer is relentless this year but I have a feeling you will be feeling a nip in the air soon...

Lovely post.

Wendy said...

Hi Mary - oh, so the geese stay with you? Good - maybe I'll join them one of these days. LOL!
Thanks for stopping by.