Sunday, January 18, 2009

How Cold Was It??

Ha! Caught you! On camera, that is (and through the window too).
"What kind of a feeder is this?"
"Who cares as long as there are sunflower seeds to eat!"
"Wonder what happened to the other feeder?"

Naughty squirrels gnawed through the wood, trying to get to the seeds.

This part is almost totally off.
Will have to buy a stronger bird feeder, maybe a metal one.
But I like the look and feel of natural wood so much better.

How Cold Was It??

The corner of our patio doors.
Ice and frost build-up inside the house.

Here too. Where the wall corner meets the fireplace hearth.
But, things are warming up today. It's minus 11 Celsius or about
plus 10 Fahrenheit. We're coming out of the cold.
How are you doing?


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Gee Wendy---that is COLD. I need to quit complaining because of our cold weather--which would seem like a heat wave to you for sure!!!! MERCY!!!!

Good idea for a bird feeder!!!! I'm sure the birds aren't picky.. Feeding them is what is important.. Sorry about the squirrels--but they are hungry too.

Hope winter soon passes for you.

Cheryl said...

Great bird shot Wendy well done...

My wood bird feeders have been chewed by the the new egg box feeder, very original!!

Gosh that is cold brrrrr.....
we have rain and strong winds

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
It has been very cold but this afternoon it warmed to 48F, 9C!
Warm enough to do some sweeping up.
those squirrels...
The chickadees are so sweet.
Stay warm.
As Cheryl said, we are walking towards Spring!

Wendy said...

Hi Betsy, yeah, it's cold alright. Don't think I'll ever get used to it, even though I was born here.
Looking forward to spring!

Hi Cheryl, well rain and strong winds doesn't sound too inviting either. Ah well....
Too bad about the wooden feeders. I am naturally drawn to anything wood, but it won't work for this.
Stay dry!

Hi Sherry,
I'm glad you are getting some warmth. It's quite a long walk towards spring, but one step at a time and we'll be there!

Mary said...

OH, I remember ice INSIDE the windows. My goodness, stay warm...

Those darn squirrels! I prefer wooden feeders, too. You might be able to find wood-composite - they are guaranteed to be squirrel-proof and have a lifetime warranty! WBU sells them but they are expensive. I'll bet you can find them on-line at a reasonable price.

Ruth said...

It is quite a bit warmer today (-6C) but that came with 15 cm of snow that is still falling. You did get a lot of frost indoors. I have never seen that at our house, but we do not have a patio door.

Rose said...

That frost creeping through the doors is making me shiver! W're about 10 degrees warmer than you today, Wendy, but the best part is that the wind isn't blowing today.

Those naughty squirrels! I have a feeder much like yours, but I hung it from a tree branch. I wondered why none of the birds would light on it until I noticed it whipping about in the wind--all the seed had fallen out and on the ground instead!

Abba's Girl said...

Great picture of the bird. Ice indoors, not a good thing. I am almost ashamed to tell you it was sunny and 72 degrees today.

JeanMac said...

Wendy, I hate to tell you we're suffering thru 0 degrees but we were down to -15 at Christmas!Take care dear friend and thank you for all your support. You and Hubby are always in my thoughts.

white_lilly said...

That looks sooooo cold, we in Australia have been having unbearable days with high temps.
Cute little bird!

Grammy said...

Oh bur, It looks so cold the ice wants to come in to get warm. I have an open feeder and let both the squirrels and birds eat. It creates balance and harmony. As this way the squirrel will not do damage and all get to eat. It is better to make peace with them both. Stay warm. Crash just came in with tiny snow balls on his fur. So I am not looking out the window. I am inside thinking about my spring garden. I am working on what to but to plant. Then I will design.I love my new widget 59 days 16 hrs 50 mi 2 sec till spring.
Have a great day

amelia said...

I have two tray feeders where the big birds and squirrels can eat and two hanging feeders for the little birds. I also have two fat hanging stations for woodpeckers and anything else that wants it and a heated birdbath!!!

I am happy it's warming up a bit. I like the cold but -40 is a bit much!!!

Shammickite said...

It's been horribly frigid here near Toronto too, but thank goodness it's a little milder now. I hope we've seen the last of such severe temperatures, I really hate it when it's so cold. I just can't get anything done.

Shammickite said...

Robbie Burns or Rabbie Burns, no matter how you spell it, it's a good excuse for an enjoyable evening!!

Allie said...

Ah! I hate it when the frost comes inside like that! Hope you're staying warm!

Wendy said...

Hi Mary, oh so you remember ice inside too? Not nice. It is a sign of poor insulation in some areas, like the fireplace, but the patio doors I can't do anything about.
Will check for squirrel-proof feeders, although this egg carton seems to be working so far. The squirrels actually have stayed away.

Mom2-2goodboys said...

oh my! Now that is cold! I hope it warms up for you soon. We have been very cold here in Michigan too. Lot's of snow as well. I do hope it the temperatures turn more on the mild side soon.

Your flowers look beautiful. I envy your ability to grow indoor flowers. I gave up on them a long time ago.

I will keep your daughter in my thoughts and prayers for a smooth delivery of baby Nathan tomorrow.

In the meantime...Stay warm!

Wendy said...

Hi Ruth, 15 cm. of snow is a lot. But it does feel better now that the horrible cold has abaited. I hope you never seen ice indoors, either!

Hi Rose, yes the wind does make things colder. I'm glad you are warmer and the wind is behaving itself.
That's funny about your bird feeder. That's exactly what the squirrels were doing to mine. Making it swing until all the seed spilled out!

Hi Annette - 72 degrees! Lucky you! I am happy to hear that somebody is enjoying January.

Hi Jeanmac - glad you're weather is much milder. Take care. I do think of you and your dear hubby too.

Wendy said...

Hi White Lilly, maybe we should trade - I'll give you some snow and you an send us some warm air. LOL!

Hi Grammy, well that is a good idea. Feeding everybody. I just the squirrels as having so many acorns here, that there is no need for them to be eating all the birdseed too. But you do have a point. Will think of a way to feed everybody. Ahhh - planning your spring garden already. Sounds wonderful!

Hi Amelia - wow! Do you ever have the little critters well fed! Good for you. I am sure they enjoy coming to your garden. Yeah, I don't much like that extreme of cold either.

Wendy said...

Hi Shammickite - looks like its cold everywhere! I don't like the harsh cold either, I just want to curl up in a ball and hibernate. Or fly south. LOL!

Hi Allie - I couldn't agree with you more. Stay warm too!

Hi Mary, I have to grow something indoors or I'll go nuts with our long winters! Sounds like you've been cold too. Well no matter what, spring will come and then we'll all be warm and outside working in the garden.
Thank you for your kindness re little Nathan's birth tomorrow. I am so excited!

Amy said...

Oh, my.

I thought it was cold HERE b/c the heat kicked in even though my thermostat is set to 62 degrees.

You win, I think. :) Stay warm.

Wendy said...

Hi Amy - well, this is one thing I really don't want to win. Thanks for stopping by!

Beverly said...

Hi, Wendy, those bottom two pictures are frightening. It makes me shiver to look at them.

We're going to have freezing temperatures here tonight and tomorrow night. The strawberry farmers will be out carefully tending their crops.

The year Sarah was born on January 20, it was 26 degrees in the morning when I went to the hospital. It was a horrible winter for weather.

Wendy said...

Too bad it's so cold out your way. And on the day your Sarah was born too. Where does the time go?
Keep warm.

Anna said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Wendy and for your comment. Now that looks seriously cold. Here in the UK we have had our coldest start to winter but I have still to see one single snowflake :)

Wendy said...

Hi Anna - thanks for stopping by. I'll send you lots and lots of snowflakes. LOL!