Sunday, January 4, 2009

January... for the birds!

Here are my January babies. I bought some grape hyacinth bulbs at walmart. They were half price - left overs from fall planting. I didn't know if they'd sprout, but thought I had nothing to lose.

As you can see, after a week or so in a sunny window, they are growing!

Can you spot the chickadee? Hmmmm, I'm not too good at this.

What happens if I press the "zoom" button. Ah - that's better!

Actually I took about 6 pics of .......the bird feeder.

Chickadees had flown away. These are the only 2 where you can see the bird.

They move so quickly - I'll need lots of practice to capture these sweet little darlings.


Abba's Girl said...

Your hyacinths will be beautiful. I love Chickadees...I have some that feed in my yard year round and a few more that arrive in Dec. the same time Goldfinches migrate and stay until March or April depending on the weather.

In the summer I spent hours trying to get a great picture of a hummingbird in my yard...I will try again when they return.

Have a great week.


Wendy said...

Hi Annette - I hope you get your hummingbird pics this summer. It's very hard to photograph birds. I now have a great respect for those who take great pics of birds. Oh, and babies too!

Ruth said...

I really need to force some flowering bulbs. Chickadees do move so quickly, it is a challenge to get them with a camera. You did well.

Bear Naked said...

How nice.
Your hyacinths look great.
I really like that last photo with the chickadee.
And may I complement you on your header photo.
Was that a Christmas present?

Bear((( )))

beckie said...

Wendy, your header is beautiful! Looks so springy and is sure to bring a smile to those who see it.

Great idea to try the hyacinths inside. I love these liitle flowers, but they get lost outside. Now when they bloom you will really be able to enjoy them.

I think you are doing great with the bird photos! Don't you love having the feeder where you can see the birds come and eat? They are so entertaining.

Maggie May said...

Never heard of a chickadee but he looks very cute. Well done getting him into a photo like that. I am still trying.

Happy New Year.
Your bulbs are going to be great. Wish I had planted some.

Mimi said...

Your bulbs look great and so do your bird pictures... don't worry. Practice makes perfect.

Rose said...

Birds are the hardest thing of all to photograph--I have lots of photos of bird feeders and empty tree branches as proof:) You captured that chickadee very well, Wendy.
Those grape hyacinths will look beautiful in another week or two. You've reminded me that I have bulbs I've been wanting to force indoors--I'd better get busy!

Cheryl said...

Hi you think your chickadees are a little like my great tits.....they look so similar to me.....
Keep trying with the has taken me ages to get some decent shots. They are so quick, one minute they are there, next minute gone.......

Well done with the hyacinths.....your home will smell beautiful when they bloom...

Grammy said...

Hi Wendy, You did great. I so enjoy the birds too. How wonderful you have sprouts. You need to plant them outside went they are through. They need the cold to renew for spring of 2010. You will get spring in your window early this year. What a joy.
Big hug.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
I love your dish garden. I also do forced bulbs for Winter inside blooms. I let the leaves die off and than plant the bulbs in the garden in the spring. They return and bloom the following year too.
Chick-a-dees are quick little ones...I love the zoom...makes the birds come right into the livingroom.
Birds and blooms in January are the best! Thank you.
Stay warm,

Beverly said...

Hi, Wendy,
Your header photo is so gorgeous. It almost jumps off the page (or screen, I should say.)
I hope those bulbs continue to grow. The flowers will be beautiful, I'm sure.
Stay warm. Enjoy the birds who come to your feeder. I know they appreciate you!

Wendy said...

Hi Ruth, thanks for the compliments. I'm still practicing.

Hi Bear Naked - nope, that header was compliments of google search.

Hi Beckie - yes I love watching the birds coming to feed. However, some pesky squirrels have gotten into the feeder. I try to chase them away, but they just come back again. Grrrrr.

Wendy said...

Hi Maggie May - thanks for stopping by. It's not too late to plant some bulbs.

Thanks Mimi - I intend to keep on practicing.

Hi Rose, be sure and show us the pics of your bulbs when they flower.

Hi Cheryl, thank you - I have a great respect for those who photograph birds. Will keep on practicing.

Hi Grammy - hugs back at ya. I intend to have lots of spring at my kitchen window!

Hi Sherry - I can't wait to see all your blooms. I hope you'll take some pics for us. Funny you should say Birds and Blooms - I subscribe to a magazine called Birds and Blooms.

Hi Beverly - thank you.

amelia said...

Your yard looks like ours!! Thanks for your comment on my blog which has, of course, led me to yours!!

It's snowing again now and all my birdfood is getting covered which makes me so mad! I'm out there all day uncovering it and at night we put out seed for the nocturnal flying squirrels.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
A friend of mine sent a subscription last year to "Birds and Blooms".
Nice photographs...

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
A friend of mine sent a subscription last year to "Birds and Blooms".
Nice photographs...