Monday, January 12, 2009


A tribute to my Great-Aunt Loukie. This spunky lady has successfully undergone surgery for breast cancer. At the ripe old age of 85!
To make matters worse, she also has congestive heart failure.

But, she got all her Christmas mail out on time. And organized things at home for when she would be in hospital.

One of the things she did was to get Life Line for her husband, who would be staying home alone. He is also 85 and suffered a series of mild strokes last year at this time. She then became his caregiver.

I was inspired by her actions. My great aunt Loukie did what needed to be done. I could do the same (and did - previous post).

Last year's poinsettia sits on my dining room windowsill. It lasted all through the long winter, spring and once summer came around, I put it in the garden and forgot about it. I'm surprised it didn't die. Don't think I watered it.

By fall, I took pity on it and brought it into the house. It's lovely red flowers (leaves really) had dropped off.

I remember my mother trying to bring back Christmas poinsettias by putting them in a dark closet for 12 hours and then in daylight for 12 hours. I don't think it ever worked for her. It never worked for me.

But this one is different. It's leaves are beginning to turn red, and soon will look like flowers.
I don't care whether the Christmas season is over. I don't care that it looks scraggly. This little plant has found inspiration.... and so have I.


Abba's Girl said...

I think Pointsettias look cheery and beautiful all winter...waiting to be replaced by Easter Lillies.

Your aunt is an amazing lady. (And so are you!)

Wendy said...

Thank you Annette - I am glad your dad is feeling better.

peppylady said...

Sound like someone is a blessing wish them both wellness.

Coffee is on.

beckie said...

Wendy, lovely story, great pictures and a wonderful moral. We could all take a lesson from Aunt Loukie and the poinsettia.

Grammy said...

Wendy, You both are an inspiration.I am in awe of her age and ability to take care of every thing. I some times wonder how I can get on top of things. Your poinsettia is happy to be with you. I had to buy a silk one so I could enjoy the color.
I am sending love and light your way. Have a great day.

Mimi said...

Your aunt sounds like an amazing lady...

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I am really enjoying my visit to your blog!!!! Have a great week...m..

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Dear Wendy, I imagine your great aunt Loukie would wonder what all the fuss is about...she is just doing what has to be done. So many times in looking around at others, we see quiet beacons of how to live our life...quiet are probably more like her than you realize.

Your last year's poinsettia looks lovely! It must be very happy indeed to be blooming.

Ruth said...

A very inspiring post! I have had poinsettias flourish outdoors in the summer (new green leaves) but have never brought them in again in the fall or had them grow red leaves.

Rose said...

Your aunt sounds like quite a lady. I wish the best for her and your uncle.
I've never been able to keep poinsettias over the summer. Yours is a strong one that refuses to give up--just like you, Wendy.

amelia said...

There are obviously very good strong genes in your family!!

Lovely story about the poinsettia, I've never had any luck with them at all. This must be a very special inspirational plant!!

Shammickite said...

2007's poinsettia flourished in my back yard all summer and did very well, but I forgeot it when i went to florida in October, and the cold got it.
It's now under about 3' of snow... poor thing!

Amy said...

Good health to Great-Aunt Loukie! Sounds like a remarkable lady--and cheers for the underdog plant. :)

Cheryl said...

Your Aunt is an incredible woman Wendy.....the mind is far more powerful than the body, and gets us through difficult times.....

Plants are always worth bringing inside to give them a chance....and yours is saying thank you......

Wendy said...

Hi Peppylady - thank you.

Hi Beckie - oh yes, I agree.

Hi Grammy I am totally in awe of her too. I also have some silk poinsettias. They're good too.

Hi Mimi - she is.

Hi Mary - thank you. Have a great week too.

Hi Jen, thank you for your kind words. I do see her as a beacon. She is also a no-nonsense person.

Hi Ruth, this is the first yeaar this has worked for me. Maybe it will work for you too.

Wendy said...

Hi Rose, thank you. I hope they are o.k. too. And they know how lucky they are to still be living in their own home. Many of their friends have passed away or are living in nursing homes.

Hi Amelia, I like to think so. Maybe you have success with other plants.

Hi Amy - thanks for cheering us on!
Hi Shammickite - ah well, poor thing. There is always next year.

Hi Cheryl, you're right - about the mind being stronger than the body. Awww - that's nice of you to say. Maybe it is saying "thank-you"

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
The older ladies have so much to teach us. I have an Aunt that inspires me. She is so graceful at 92. She never has a harsh word for anyone. She is kind and so pleasant. I love to talk with her. Aunt Loukie is a blessing and an inspiration. She does what needs to be done. I bet she does it with grace and dignity.
I love being withthe older ladies.
I love the wise ones.
I just saw...only 22 more will be here so soon.

Wendy said...

Hi Sherry, your aunt sounds like a gentle, graceful soul. I also like listening to our elders. At least to the wise ones.
Baby will be here soon. Actually 2 babies here soon!