Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bloomin' Tuesday

It's Bloomin' Tuesday over at Jean's Blog. This is a bouquet of flowers I received recently. Unfortunately, the light is not very good. They look washed out, but in my opinion, flowers are still flowers. And I love them all.

Moss growing on a rock in my front yard.

A moss skirt around an oak tree in my back yard.

But mostly, I am growing leaves.

Yup - that's what's blooming in my garden today. Leaves, leaves, and more leaves. Must be fall!


Jean said...

Your bouquet is gorgeous! I love the moss around the tree!We're all scraping for pics that live in cooler climates. I'll be showing summer pics soon. Happy Bloomin' Tuesday! Jean

Carin Fuchs said...

Your bouquet looks really lovely!

Maybe you should start a business and sell your autumn leafs. LOL LOL LOL If you are not going to sell them I have no idea how you should get rid of them. LOL

Beverly said...

Does your city pick up leaves? I never thought about it since we don't have an abundance of leaves in the fall in Florida, but where my son lives, they have regularly scheduled leaf pickups.

They can't be bagged, but have to be put out by the street where they are gathered by the trucks.

I love your flowers. I'm glad that the idea of a doctor's kit was useful to you with your granddaughter. Sabrina said that it helped Ella not to be so anxious.

Sweetie said...

I think that your bouquet is lovely and the colors are great. The leaves really look pretty. As soon as I pick up my grandchildren at the bus stop today WE are going to rake. The borough workers pick up leaves on Mondays and Fridays during November.

Bear Naked said...

Oh my!!
You have a ton of leaves there.
We are fortunate here that the town has yard waste pick-up once a week.
Are you planning to rake ALL those up yourself or are you going to hire some school kids to do it for you?
I'm exhausted just looking at your leaf photos, thank goodness your floral bouquet is there for you to see. It is lovely.

Bear((( )))

Cheryl said...

I love moss......always have done.....I especially love it around the base of trees.......
carpets of leaves are beautiful, Poppi will be helping me clear some tomorrow.......

Grammy said...

I love your pictures Windy.
I need to find some blooms for inside my house.

Mimi said...

oooohhhhh!!!! I really want to come to your house just to kick some leaves around.

racquel said...

What a beautiful bouquet of red blooms today! You are definitely growing leaves, lol.

Darla said...

I would love to have some of that moss in my, want to be shade garden. The fallen leaves are beautiful.

Wendy said...

Hi Jean, You're right - it sure is a challenge to come up with something. Glad you stopped by.

Hi Carin - sell them? Who would buy leaves?? But, don't laugh, some people bag them and put them by the side of the road and sometimes they get stolen!! Yes, stolen! I think it's to make compost or something.

Hi Bev, our city does pick up the bagged leaves only on certain days. We don't rake any more. So get a lawn service to clean up.

Hi Sweetie - enjoy your raking. It is fun with little ones. Most of the time they jump in the leaves instead of raking, but it's fun anyway.

Thanks BearNaked - my bouquet was a gift from hubby. We have hired school kids in the past, but they just fool around and don't get much work done. Hubby and I used to rake the whole property before his lung disease. I certainly can't do that much, so we have a lawn service.

Hi Cheryl, I like moss too. It makes me think the rocks look wise and the trees elegant.
Enjoy your day with Poppi. I hope the sun shines for you.

Hi Grammy - thank you. Once the outside blooms stop, the inside blooms start. LOL!

Hi Mimi - be my guest. Anytime you like. Just be sure to bring me some mangos, please. A fair trade I'll say!

Hi Raquel - thanks for stopping by. I do love the red bouquet. As for growing leaves - can't help it!

Hi Darla - sending you a cartload of moss! Oh and all the leaves you want! LOL!

Rose said...

LOL, Wendy--you have a green thumb when it comes to leaves! I was just thinking about all the leaves when I saw the first photo, and then I saw the photo of the back yard! I hope you don't have to rake all these leaves either:)

Love the new header photo!

femail doc said...

Spent my afternoon raking leaves, leaves, and leaves on a perfect fall day. Lots of dust though. Who's going to make all those leaves disappear?

beckie said...

Wendy, your new header photo is beautiful! As are your leaves. :) They are a pain, but we put up with them to have the lovely shade during summer. Your hubby was so sweet to send you that beautiful bouquet. Enjoy!

Abbasgirl said...

Once again beautiful pictures. I love the picture of the ducks as well. Have a great day.

Laurie and Chris said...

I love your fresh flowers. The colors are so pretty.

Carmi said...

Better leaves than snow, I always say :)

This is why I used to point my bike west when I set out from our old house in DDO. Hudson has some of the nicest views in the entire region.

Q said...

Dear Wendy,
I love your leaves! My husband brought home a leaf bouquet he picked for me! I think growing leaves is the best!
Sherry who hugs trees

Wendy said...

Hi Rose, no there are too many leaves for me to rake. We had our lawn service over today and all the leaves are gone.

Hi Judy, my hubby used to love raking leaves, especially after an office. He said he felt "grounded" raking leaves.

Aww thanks Beckie. And my header is compliments of my daughter-in-law.

Hi Annette - thanks for the compliments. Header was taken by my daughter-in-law.

Hi Laurie and Chris - thank you.

Hi Carmi - thanks for saying so. You can point your bike out our way any time you want. Oh, and bring a rake. LOL! Oh yeah, you got that right! Better leaves than snow!

Hi Sherry, awww - that's so sweet. A leaf bouquet. Hugs too.