Saturday, November 29, 2008


I went shopping today for a snowblower. Well not a full-blown snowblower. An electric shovel.

We had a strong young fellow shoveling our walk for the last two winters.
It cost $140.00 for the winter.
Not bad. Money well spent.

"You'd better give him a call to make sure he's still shoveling this year." Hubby advised me.
I called him.
An answering machine came on, so I left a message.

Two weeks went by.
"Call him again," suggested Hubby.
"No. I left him a message. I'm not calling back."
"But what if he didn't get it? At least try again to see if it's his voice on the answering machine."

Called again. A generic voice. Could be his home, or it could be he's moved.

"Last year he didn't call us back, but showed up the first time it snowed, remember?" I said to Hubby.
"I still think you should call him back and leave another message."
"Oh, he'll show up." I assured Hubby.

That night we had our first real snowfall. Early the next morning, I looked out the front window to see our driveway contractor zooming into our driveway. He looked as happy as a little kid, driving his snowplow. I think his radio was on full blast, since he was bouncing around in his cab. In a matter of minutes he had cleaned our driveway and zipped across the street to the neighbour's.

"Where's our walk-shoveling guy?" Hubby was getting anxious.
"Don't worry, he'll show up." I figured he was at school and would show up towards evening.
He didn't.
I called back and put another message on his machine.
He still didn't show up.

Hmmm. I went outside and tried a bit of shoveling, but the snow was wet and heavy. It wasn't long before my shoulders and back began to ache. Meanwhile Hubby searched the ads in the local newspaper. Nobody was shoveling snow. Considering how much snow we had last year, no wonder!
I thought I'd try calling the town hall to see if they could recommend anybody. Nope. Nobody.

Hubby was totally frustrated at not being able to do the work. And upset that I should try and lift wet, heavy snow and risk straining or injuring myself.

"It's not the end of the world" (one of my favourite expressions), "I'll look for an electric shovel."
"A what?"
"An electric shovel. Why? Are they obsolete?"
I remember my mother using one to clear their front walk when my Dad could no longer shovel snow. That was about 30 years ago.

So off I went to the local hardware store. No, they didn't have any.
Figured I might as well check out the Mall.
And came home with:
2 packages of pot pourri
1 bottle of Vitamin E (for my skin)
2 bottles of body lotion (on sale - 2 for the price of 1)
1 tube of Olay facial cleanser (also on sale)
2 T-shirts for Hubby (not that he needs any, but they were on sale too) Stocking stuffers for the grandkids.

No electric shovel. They are on back order.
At least I know they still exist.
And hope when I find one that it doesn't come in a box all in pieces......


Abbasgirl said...

If the shovel requires assembly, the store may assemble it for a nominal fee. Even our Wal Mart will assemble toys and lawn mowers. I hope you do not have to spend your winter shoveling snow. Please post a picture of the shovel for all us southerners.


Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Wendy, I love all the necessary stuff you came back with. Sounds just like me. Never waste a trip to the store. LOL! Do you have any neighbors that might have the name of someone who would shovel snow? Oh, I do hope you can find someone soon.

Mary said...


LOL! You made me laugh when I know you REALLY need that shovel...

I still have a little nagging pain from shoveling during the last blizzard in DE. You need the shovel!

Or, perhaps there is someone in the area eager to make some money???

Glad you have your Oil of Olay and I know your priorities are straight.


Grammy said...

I love your shopping adventure. Are there any kids on your street. They may know some one to refer you to. Also call your driveway guy as they may have some one for that too. I have another surprise on my side bar wiget. The youngest called tonight and told me not to advertise it. So I did not pit her name on it. lol.

Have a great weekend.

Cheryl said...

A snow fascinating.....I am imagining all sorts of things.....I would be interested to see this.....

I do hope you can get one Wendy.....that is way too much work for one lady.....if I lived next door I would pop over and let us know how you get on....

I love your buys....makes you feel a little better.....doesn't it??

Bear Naked said...

Is there a job centre or something similar at the nearest school?
What if you tried advertising in the newspaper?
There has to be someone in or near your neighbourhood that wants to earn some extra money.
Have you checkrd out Craigs' list in your area?

Bear((( )))

Mom2-2goodboys said...


No kids in the neighborhood that want to earn a little extra cash? Maybe the guy who does your driveway will add your walk to his job for you this year. I hope you find a way to keep your walk clear. I think it's going to be a long, cold, snowy winter...

Rose said...

Wendy, I've never heard of an electric snow shovel before. When you get one, please tell us all about it--I would love to have one!

Hubby works for the Highway Department, so when we have a really bad snow, he is working 12-hour shifts and too tired to shovel, so I usually do the job. Of course, our long lane requires a tractor, so that is his responsibility.

I like your shopping trip--I agree you shouldn't waste a trip to the store:) Love your header--so cheery for these cold, gray days.

Beverly said...

What on earth is an electric shovel? I never heard of such a thing. I hope too that you can find someone to shovel your walk. I remember when I lived in Cincinnati and saw older people out shoveling, I could understand why people came to Florida for the winter.

Your flower in your header is pretty.

Grammy said...

Burr it is starting to snow here. I do not worry about shoveling unless we are barricaded in. We just stay home till we are in need of something.

Mimi said...

Ah... the necessities, I see. Good thing you went. Those t-shirts may have rotted away! You will get your snow shovel soon!

beckie said...

Wendy, add me to the list-I've not heard of an electric shovel either. I think you've got some good suggestions as to where to find someone to help. Should be able to in this economy. :} Aren't shopping trips like that fun? Usually we are in such a hurry and zip in and out, but I love the days when I can just browse.
I love the Amyrillis(sp?)such a pretty color. Lets us know what you do. But do be careful!

Amy said...

"Considering how much snow we had last year, no wonder!"

So how much snow DID you get last year?

I've never--not one time--in my life shoveled snow. The last time I lived in the stuff, I was just a kid. I better get used to the idea before I move, tho!

JeanMac said...

Oh, Wendy, I hear you.