Sunday, November 23, 2008

What to blog about?

Gardens are finished. And this is not a gardening blog.
But gardening is so much fun - and I love posting pics of well.....nature.
Flowers and leaves and even spider's webs.

Hubby is ensconced in his favourite chair watching the Grey Cup Football game.
His life these days consists of reading books and watching sports programmes on T.V. As our weather turns colder and we look towards winter, Hubby will not be going out at all.

I'd go crazy if I couldn't get out every day. Even just to pick up food at the grocery store. I need to move, to get out, to see people.

Hubby is handling things well. I'm not.
I had a meltdown the other day.
Hubby was reading me pertinent bits of news from the business section of the newspaper.
And we all know what kind of news the financial world is reporting.
Will we survive? Will all of us baby boomers have to go back to work?

I am worried about my daughter. She is pregnant with her second child, due in February. And she is struggling with edema. Her body is retaining fluid. Her ob/gyn is sending her to a "high risk" specialist. Hopefully things will be o.k. It's the word "high risk" that scares me.

So with red and puffy eyes I got into the car and drove to Walmart.
Walmart! Who would have thought I'd be seeking comfort in Walmart!!
Mingling with smiling people out for an afternoon's shopping, checking out the baby department (that always cheers me up), buying (and eating) chocolate, and looking for stocking stuffers for the grandkids lifted my spirits.

Tonight as Hubby sits in front of the T.V. set, engrossed in his football game, I am sipping a glass of after-dinner red wine.
I now feel more relaxed and can focus on how grateful we are to have each other, our warm home and loving families close by.

Most of my American friends will be busily preparing for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday. So, I'll pop over and visit your blogs tonight. Guaranteed to lighten my mood and bring a smile to my face.


Q said...

Dear Wendy,
Sometimes I just have to go outside and look at the stars. It puts everything into perspective for me.
My husband and I will be spending Thanksgiving at a wild life reserve. Our kids are far from home. It is just the two of us...
Winter is often difficult for me, the bugs are gone and the gardens are resting. This year I am excited about felting and learning about hat making. I have fallen for wool. Sharing with you makes it extra fun.
Love and light,

Mary said...


I hope you know you are not alone. Maybe I'm on the verge of a meltdown - I recently became ill with a very bad cold. My daughter who is 26 will probably lose her job soon and the state of the economy is weighing heavily on everyone in the world...

But, go to Walmart. I go to Rite Aid and look for Christmas trinkets on sale. Walk outside and look up. Take your camera! These things get me through winter and bad times.


Ruth said...

This descent into winter darkness is difficult even when there are no other stresses. I am glad you found a way to lift your spirits. There is always something to be thankful for. Sending warm thoughts your way.

peppylady said...

At times I keep saying I'm not going to watch the news. It so gloomy.
Both hubby and I lost or I should say our IRA is basically back to were it start.

My hubby isn't a football or read much he went an burn brush.

I don't know what it is but being outside does wonder for the soul.

Coffee is on.

Wendy said...

Hi Sherry,
Winter is a difficult time for me too. I feel my soul shriveling up. There is no magic in the air like in the warmer seasons.

It sounds like you will have a good time at the wildlife reserve. I hope its' not too cold on Thanksgiving and you and hubby can enjoy yourselves.
Your hats will keep you warm over the winter.
Love and light,

Wendy said...

Hi Mary,
Oh, I know - everybody is worrying about our economy and this is the time of year for nasty bugs and flu. I hope you are feeling better now.

I hope your daughter does not lose her job. I know many people will. It must be so hard to face unemployment.

I used to be such a serene person. Never had a meltdown - or rarely.

Wendy said...

Hi Ruth, thank you. You said that perfectly. "The descent into winter darkness is difficult" Well our days start getting longer on December 22 - so we can look forward to that.
Love & Light

Wendy said...

Hi Pepperlady - I think I'll have a coffee, thank you. LOL! I really try to avoid the news if at all possible. It's so full of awful things. And they play it up so people will buy more newspapers.
I wish I could put out a Positive News Only publication. Ha! I'll bet lots of people would buy it!!

Mimi said...

I feel the whole meltdown thing. A lot. I am glad that you can find solace in even the simple act of looking at baby goods. *hugs*

Rose said...

Wendy, I've wondered, too, what I was going to blog about during the winter--no pictures of flowers or praying mantises for me to show. But I think the winter might give us all a little more time to visit each other and keep each other's spirits up! I'm actually looking forward to the first snowfall so I can go outside and get some decent photos to post:)

It's good to get out and get away from everything for awhile, even if it's a short trip to Walmart:)

Cheryl said...

Dear Wendy......I need to be outside to, as you you are not alone.....
I to have many family problems at the you they are causing me anxiety......I laid awake for several hours last I am up getting ready to take the parents and ma in law shopping......

A glass of wine is good.....I would share one with you if I tonight when I have my supper with Mr P I shall raise my glass and think of you.....

We will get through these times....and as you say we must count our blessings.......

Thinking of you and your daughter.......

JeanMac said...

Wendy, I understand your going to WM - it's busy, Christmasy and always lots of people.Hope your days get sunnier soon. Sending a big hug.

beckie said...

Dear Wendy, a meltdown isn't all bad. I think tears clear away some of the anxiety. Like watching a tear jerker movie and crying-I always feel better afterward. I am grateful your daughter is seeing a specialist-a few years ago, the high risk pregnancies were pretty sure to end one way. Not that you shouldn't be concerned, but know she is getting the very best help. I will say a prayer for her and the baby.

Wal-Mart! Now you've got to admit that's funny. But if it made you feel better, why not! Take care, and do get out as often as you can. The day light will be good for the soul. Oh, and have another glass of wine-can't hurt a thing!

Naturegirl said...

Wendy: with todays advance in medical care your daughter is in good hands especially the fact that she is cared for by a specialist. All will be fine..a little hurdle but the doctors will ensure a safe delivery and good health for both.

You did the right thing in going out yourself to ~decompress~ so important to care givers and ourselves when the stress take over. I know this to be true as I
myself need that time out just for me when life is out of balance with worries.
Next time go to a bookstore and catch up with all those magazines!
Hours pass and you'll see so many great inspirations and then put them back on the shelf!
hugs NG

Bear Naked said...

I know just how you feel.
I have decided that all the doom and gloom is not going to get the better of me.
We are starting to talk about putting all the Christmas decorations up in the house because that always makes us both feel so much better.

Bear((( )))

Abbasgirl said...

Wendy, Hope you are feeling better. If you are an early riser, wrap up and go outdoors to watch the sun rise if the skies are clear. A beautiful sunrise can make my day.

Love, peace, and blessings to you.

I am off to Wal mart.


Kanak Hagjer said...

Wendy, my love and prayers...I hope things go well for your daughter.

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

Dear Wendy, I think it is important for you to get out every day--even if only to WalMart (shudder). Hubby's world has shrunk so significantly, if you were to only live in his world, your health would suffer as well. Meltdowns are good! If you didn't let those pressures out you would surely explode! I do so wish we lived closer so we could meet for a coffee and chat. But just remember, ALL of your blog friends are just a moment away--and we do care! We will all be thinking good thoughts for your daughter and baby. Life can be so risky and in such turmoil, it is often hard to step back and let go of all our worries. I will be praying that you will find that relief.
With lots of hugs filled with love,

Beverly said...

Hi, Wendy,
Hugs to you! I know of several people who have moved to Florida to avoid the depression that sets in from winter. Hardly a day goes by that we don't have the sun.

I'm glad that you are able to get out. I've been enjoying seeing all the Christmas stuff put up. I didn't even put my tree up last year, but it's going up this year and will be up unitl after the first of the year when ELLA comes.

Wendy said...

Hi Mimi - thanks for understanding. Hugs back at ya.

Hi Rose - now there's a positive comment! Looking forward to the first snowfall. I guess some part of me is too. Especially hearing the wonder in the voice of Hubby's granchild when describing the first snowfall where he lives.

Oh, we'll adapt. Last year I took pics of the flowers on my windowsill.

Wendy said...

Hi Cheryl, I am so sorry you are feeling anxiety enough to keep you awake at night. There's nothing worse. And I know it's because I don't sleep that I find the days more difficult to handle.

I do hope things settle down for you too.
It is hard for us outdoor people to be confined to the house. I think in another post you mentioned your Dad was like that too.
Winter is a reality here and in time I will adjust.

Thanks for your support. We will drink a "vitual" glass of good wine together.

Wendy said...

Hi JeanMac - I'll take the sunshine anytime. Thanks for sending it. If you'd asked me 6 or 7 years ago if I would find solace at Walmart, I'd have said "no way!". Things change, don't they?

Hi Beckie - thanks for your support. You are right. My daughter will be under good care. There is no need to worry about what "might happen".

I know, I know - I lead quite and interesting life to walz off to Walmart and find it fun! LOL!
O.K. - another glass of wine all around!

Wendy said...

Hi Nature Girl - thank you for reassuring me re my daughter's pregnancy. Her first one ended in an emergency C-section, but all was well in the end. I pushed my way into the Recovery Room because I HAD to see my daughter. I HAD to know she was o.k. After a few minutes a nurse kicked me out (rightly so), but everything worked out fine.

Oh yes, I often go to Chapters, buy a latte and read their magazines. It's fun. Sometimes it's just getting out of the house and talking to different people that's enough to change the energy and feel better.

Wendy said...

Hi Bear Naked - our thoughts must run on the same wavelength. I also have decided that things have to get better. So no more doom and gloom.
I went to the Dollar Store today and looked at all their Christmas decorations. Came home with a few Christmas trays and other things to make some crafts. I also want to get started on decorations. Makes everyone feel good.

Hi Abbasgirl - so you're off to Walmart too? It must be catching.
Oh, I agree with you 100% - about watching sunrises. I absolutely get up early when I'm on vacation to watch the sun rise over the ocean. Here, there are so many trees, I don't see the sunrise until it's well up.

Hi Kanak - thank you so much.

Hi Jenny - thank you so much. I absolutely love my blogger friends. Even when I post teary-eyed posts, or complaining posts, or venting posts, you are all there to hear me out and offer comfort. Don't know what I'd do without you!

Hi Beverly, that was our plan before hubby got sick. We were going to be snowbirds and winter in Florida.
You must be looking forward to Ella's visit. Of course you need to put up a tree!

lookuptoday said...

Hello,I have been reading your blog and just want to let you know i can relate to most all of your feelings. My husband needs a heart transplant and it has been a roller coaster ride for seven years. Once i put my fears into the Lords hands i was able to see and appreciate tiny blessings and our time together. We may now be facing the loss of our health insurance. YIKES!! This is the path we are on, but we are not alone. Thanksgiving blessing. Dee

Grammy said...

Hi Wendy, I was here already, and can not believe I forgot to leave a comment. I too have to fight the winter blues. I am going to try your ideal of plants indoors. And look at Aussie blogs to see there garden grow. It has made a great improvement to have Amy near buy now. I am no longer alone in the world. You have to tell your self I am going to be fine. I am trying to reprogram my brain to be happy. It is working so far. You have to let go of fear and find joy in simple things. When something happens you have to start pushing the negative out of your mind as fast as it enters. Like no this is not going to bring me down. Quickly go to something happy. I can still fall. but I am going to fight from now on to stop the negative feelings.
Hugs and warm wishes.

Amy said...

I'm so with you on getting out and around and so glad you get the chance.

This is such a hard season this year for so many people, and I'm sorry the worry is hitting your household, too.

Hoping the fog lifts for you and so many other people and that the pregnancy goes through without a hitch.

(And I'd join you in that glass of wine--or a margarita!--if I could.)

Wendy said...

Hi Dee - it's a scary path, alright! Hope your husband's operation goes well. Heart transplants are done more easily today then ever before. Will keep you and your hubby in my thoughts and prayers.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Wendy said...

Hi Grammy - thank you so much for your kind and wise words. There are times when I can do just that - get rid of negativity by playing fun music, acting silly, going out and there are other times when I just need to cry. And blog about it. I feel much better now with all the wonderful support from my friends in bloggerville. And my daughter sounded happy today on the phone. We had a snowfall and her little girl was totally enchanted. I felt somehow that all was right with the world today.

Wendy said...

HI Amy, Life seems to be full of ebbs and flows. My daughter sounded fine today. Haven't seen her yet, but often just her voice will tell me how she is doing.
Hubby is actually doing quite well these days. I can't believe it - but will certainly enjoy it.
Hope things at your house have settled down too.
Margueritas, pina coladas, wine - sure I'm all for it!

Grammy said...

Just stopped by to say Hi.

naturewitch said...

Hi Wendy

Some foods your daughter could try (to help the edema) include: watermelon, green beans, dark grape juice (diluted 50/50 with water) and celery. These will all often help remove some extra fluid. Also, make sure she cuts down on the salt - it's great for keeping fluid in the body.

There's also a Schuessler tissue salt called Nat Mur (sodium chloride - ironic?) she might find helpful. Tissue salts are very safe and work amazingly well. Your health food store should be able to help you out.

Hope this helps xx

Wendy said...

Hi Grammy - thanks for stopping by.

Hi Naturewitch - thanks for the suggestions. I will pass them on to my daughter.

Allie said...

I really hate shopping, but sometimes I find amazing comfort in just walking up and down the aisles of a store. It can actually be very soothing for some reason.

Thinking good thoughts for you.