Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Happy Birthday to a dear Daughter-in-Law.

Enjoy your special day!

This pic and the one on my header was taken by Marcela in Ottawa, where She lives with my son and their firstborn (littlest grandson, pictured above).


Q said...

Dear Wendy,
Happy Birthday to your dear Daughter-in-law. This was a lovely birthday greeting you made for her.

Wendy said...

Thank you Sherry. She really is a special person.

Beverly said...

Happy Birthday, Marcela!

I love your header there. One morning when I was in Virginia, I stepped outdoors in the morning, and I heard the honk, honk, honking of a flock of geese overhead.

We have a few who stay here in Florida yearround.

beckie said...

Wendy, what a lovely post! I'm sure Marcela will enjoy it and her special day. Your grandson is adoreable. :0 And love the views of Ottowa.

Abbasgirl said...

Happy Birthday Marcela!

Wendy, you have the cutest grandchildren. When you have a minute to look, I posted a new picture of Ben and his sister on Ben's blog.


Mimi said...

We almost have the same name! She is lovely... you can see it. Happy birthday to her.

Darla said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter-in-law. Cute baby. Love the ducks in the water!!

CIELO said...

Hi... Happy Birthday to Marcelita! and thanks for visiting the House in the Roses, the place where winter never arrives.... ;)


Amy said...

Hope she has a great birthday--she sure has one cute baby, that's for sure.

Cheryl said...

Happy birthday to daughter in law........what a beautiful place to that header....sooooooo tranquil.......

Rose said...

Happy belated birthday to your daughter-in-law! I love the photo she took of the geese on the lake. And littlest grandson is a cutie--I hope you get to see him often, Wendy.

JeanMac said...

Happy birthday, Marcela. Beautiful pictures, Wendy.

Shammickite said...

Your DIL looks like lots of fun, and that little grandson is a real cutie!
Happy Birthday to Marcela.
There are lots of Canada geese at home in Ontario, but I haven't seen any here in Florida so far.
Lots of pelicans though!

Wendy said...

Hi Bev, I didn't know you had Canada geese in Florida? I guess they go where the weather takes them.

Hi Beckie - thank you. I like Ottawa too.

Hi Annette - thanks for the birthday wishes for Marcela. I'll hop on over to your blog and visit.

Hi Mimi - you're right! Thanks for popping in.

Hi Darla - thank you.

Hi Cielo - thanks for stopping in. Lucky you - no winter ever!!

Hi Amy - she did have a good birthday. Thanks.

Hi Cheryl, thanks for your birthday wishes. I like the header too, but it's too big. Will have to change it once again.

Hi Rose, thanks for your good wishes. And yes, littlest grandson is one of the ones I do see often.

Thanks JeanMac.
Thanks Shammickite - yes, she is lots of fun! Well, you'd better check with Beverly about the canada geese in Florida. Maybe you're from different areas of that state. Hope you're enjoying your vacation.

Grammy said...

Happy Birthday to Marcela.
I love the pictures of all the birds. They remind me of good times with my grandson at a park near our old house. There were always lots of duck and geese. I am loving having my daughter close. We went grocery shopping today. It is wonderful to get away just a bit. I had to go to the doctor with hubby yesterday. He had another mole like thing come up on his side and it started bleeding. Last time it was on back side of his head. Biopsy was cancer. And he is looking flush now. I do not know if c pap is making him worse. We go the 12 th to get advice on his health and learn of this biopsy. I am learning the fear of him not breathing with this devise. you can hear air going then count to 4-5 then a breath from him.
I stay up while he sleeps. And go to bed when he get up. Then I find him back to sleep on couch. So he is maybe up 6-8 hrs and sleeping the rest.

Wendy said...

Hi Grammy, I'm glad your daughter is close. I like watching ducks too.
I hope your hubby's test results are o.k. C-pap must be so hard to get used to.
Thinking of you and sending you healing thoughts.

peppylady said...

A Birthday Greeting to Marcela.

MoM2-2GoodBoys said...

Happy Birthday Greetings to your Daughter-in-Law. As you very well know, I love to post Birthday Greetings. It challenges me to remember everyone!

What lovely pictures you have been posting lately. The trees have just about dropped all their leaves around here. Except for my Japanese Maple out front. I will have to take pictures of the vivid red tree soon, before the leaves drop from that one too.

Maggie May said...

He is a gorgeously "want to pick him up & cuddle" type of baby. He will bring you so much pleasure, he really will.
Happy birthday to your daughter in law. What a lovely way to celebrate with a newish baby to cuddle.
Love your header too. How tranquil.

splummer said...

Your Daughter-in-law and grandson are beautiful! Hope she has a great birthday! Thanks for stopping by my place. Take Care!!


Wendy said...

Hi Pepperlady, thanks for your greeting.

Hi Mary, thanks for the compliments. I am waiting for your pic of your japanese maple. I'm sure it is lovely.

Hi MaggieMae - oh all babies are cuddle babies. Thanks for your good wishes.

Hi Sherrie - thanks for your good wishes.