Sunday, May 25, 2008

Last summer's hibiscus

I love hibiscus. They are one of my favourite flowers. Computer son borrowed my camera, so I couldn't take any pics of my garden this weekend.

Instead, I looked back at my pics from last summer and found this yellow hib called "Sunny Wind". You can also see my pot of marigolds. And that purple flower in the background is a new guinea impatiens. I do a lot of container gardening because our soil is sandy.

Never thought I'd actually show people the pics I'd taken of my flowers. Didn't think anyone else would be interested.
Then I found blogging. And everything changed.

Sometimes it's hard to stay on track. But then again - why commit to blogging about only one aspect of life?


JeanMac said...

For sure, Wendy, everyone loves to "see into our blogger lives" - your flowers are great.Hope things are well.

30 years from Darling said...

Ohhh Pretty!! I have a black thumb. Although, I have managed to get the roses that we planted when we built our house (a Habitat for Humanity House) a year and a half ago, to keep blooming ...and thriving. It's kind of shocking!

Cheryl said...

Hibiscus are beautiful.....I have two here that my father gave to me. One is lilac, the other white with a burgundy centre. They do struggle a little bit with my heavy clay soil but hey.....
What I would do for sandy soil.
A lovely colourful display Wendy....adding brightness to your life.

Bear Naked said...

Your flowers are beautiful and I love looking at the photos.
I wish I was a better photographer because I can't seem to *capture*
the colours the same way others do.

Rose said...

The yellow hibiscus is beautiful. I know what you mean about thinking you'd never show anyone pictures of your garden. Since I started blogging, I have become obsessed with photographing every little blossom.

I think you read Cheryl's post yesterday (or today), but it seems to fit what you are saying here. Gardening provides such a sanctuary, a calming respite from the care and worry of our lives. I hope you can spend some time each day in your garden.

Cilicious said...

I think blogging is a *great* way to share any hobby, and garden-blogging is quite fun, especially when we have our little triumphs to share.
Your hibiscus are beautiful--like a sunrise.

Beverly said...

Hi Wendy, the yellow hibiscus is my absolute favorite flower, I do believe. Of course, we have them year round here in Florida. In fact, I always thought of them as a tropical flower until I saw them in photos from other places.

Wendy said...

Hi Jeanmac, things are good at the moment. Hope you had a good day too.

Pk: a black thumb? LOL! I think your black thumb has turned green when you were't looking. I have trouble growing roses and you are doing well!

Hi Cheryl, I'll tell you what - I'll give you some sandy soil and you can give me some of your clay.
I grow my hibs in a pot, so I can bring them in in the winter.

Ah bear-naked - I have a dinky little digital camera that my hubby won - yes, won! in a contest. It's not really as good as some others and I keep meaning to buy a good one for me, but haven't as yet. You'll get it - don't give up yet.

Hi Rose - oh, I do love the gardening blogs - and looking at everybody's pics. Yes, I did read Cheryl's post and if I don't go into my garden everyday, I get withdrawal symptoms!

Thanks Cilicious - sumny yellow hibs do make me think of sunrise too!

Hi Bev, yes, they are tropical. Up here in the north, we grow them in pots so we can bring them in the house for the winter. There are only a few varieties that we can plant in the ground and will overwinter here - the non-tropical varieties, of course.

beckie said...

Wendy, glad to know you are a gardener! Last years flowers are gorgeous and you will have to show us this year's when you get your camera back. Hope all is staying well with you. I think of you often.

Amy said...

Oh, I love hibiscus, too. I'm surprised they bloom where you are--do you have to bring it inside in the winter? It's gorgeous, at any rate.

Wendy said...

HI Beckie - thanks for the compliment. It was you who led me to the gardening blogs. Don't quite know how, but I got onto your blog first and then found everybody else. I love gardening - it's a real passion.
Will certainly take pics of my garden this summer. Our lilly of the valley are just in bloom now. Seems quite late, compared to everybody else!
Thanks Amy - yes, I have to bring my hibs in for the winter. They certainly couldn't survive the subzero temps we have here.