Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Herb Garden

Over the weekend I planted a herb garden. I got the idea to plant tiny panseys in between the herbs from our local garden center. In the past, I planted my herbs in separate pots, but I liked this arrangement better.

There is rosemary in the center, thyme and basel around it with a few sprigs of those tiny panseys (or johnny jump-ups) in between.

I still have parsely, sage, lemon verbena, lavender to plant as well on a nicer day. Today it is cold and rainy. Not my idea of doing anything outdoors.

Oh and Hubby is blooming these days too. All is well with him. Won't ask questions or try to analyse - will just be happy!


Femail doc said...

I used to have tons of Johnny-jump-ups in my garden--don't know where they went. They're so cheerful.

Warmer weather does bring out the best in the lungers, no? We just took a car trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota. Wonderful to get away and spouse's breathing pretty good. Still frustrated at being stuck in the car, however, looked longingly at all the trailheads we passed.

beckie said...

What a good idea! And so pretty. I have a fairly big container(plastic ugh) that I am going to plant a few herbs in and the little flowers would add some color without crowding them out. So glad your hubby is doing better for now. Like you say-just enjoy.

JeanMac said...

You'll really enjoy the herbs soon - I love fresh ones.

Amy said...

Ooh, I like that idea. So beautiful and useful. Love it.

Cheryl said...

Love herb planters......they always look and smell so good.
Lavenders are my favourite, sweet smelling and good for the soul.
Glad to hear hubby is doing well at this time Wendy.

Allie said...

That is so pretty! I love the shape of the pot!

Rose said...

This is a good idea, Wendy. I've never planted many herbs but did plant some sweet basil in the garden this year. I noticed yesterday that the rabbits seem to like it, too. A container--out of their reach--would be a great solution.

Bear Naked said...

Neat idea. I have always just planted my herbs in small containers but yours looks very nice. Thanks for giving me another choice.

Beverly said...

I love your planting. How nice that your hubby is feeling better. I hope it continues for a good long time.

Grand Life said...

I also have been "working" on 6 flats of pansys this afternoon.
They are going to be beautiful in about 3 weeks which will be just about right for snowy 9000 Colorado. So glad your husband is doing well this week. I get the feeling you are a very unique lady.

Cilicious said...

I too like the shape of that pot, Wendy. It's funny, I first began growing herbs when I was a teen, when Clairol came out with that shampoo, Herbal Essence. I fell in love with the scent and the greenness and the whole Mother Nature concept (always was a sucker for good packaging.)
I especially love fresh pesto and newly mixed Herbes de Provence. When you are able to enjoy such intense fragrances and flavors,it does reinforce enjoying, whether it is your spouse's health or a grandchild's first steps, the immediacy of Today.

Wendy said...

Thank you everybody for your encouraging comments. That pot was bought at Maxi - a grocery store here in Canada. I paid I think about $1.50 - was on sale and I wish now I'd bought a whole bunch of them. I do like the shape and it has a drainage piece at the bottom.

And - I have potted up a few more herbs & flowers in oval shaped pots that I picked up at the dollar store. I'm giving these away as house-warming gifts.

Hi Judy - at least you got hubby out in the fresh air. Must have done both of you some good.

Beckie - the plastic pots are the lightest, so I have lots of those.

Me too, JeanMac. Fresh herbs - ummmmm!
Hi Amy. Hi Cheryl - I like lavender too - bought a couple of plants to stick in my next herb garden arrangement.
Hi Allie. Hi Rose. Yes, we sometimes have rabbit problems. Chipmunks too!

Hi Bev and BareNaked - happy planting to you.
Hi Judy (grand life) and thanks for the compliment.

Cilicious - food for thought, about enjoying Today. And I'm also a sucker for packaging. I remember that shampoo - it was lucious!