Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pansey patch and sunscreen

Here's my pansey patch - planted yesterday afternoon just before it rained. Worked hard to get them all in and now my upper back and shoulders are sore - but it's a good sore if it's from working in the garden!
Went to Walmart to buy above panseys, as well as a few other items. Was looking for sunscreen, since I'll be outside in the sun lots from now on.
I opened a container and smelled. Hmm - not much of a smell. I was hoping to smell coconut butter or something equally yummy. Tried another brand. Not much better. So I reached for the store brand.
Squashed the bottle.
SPLAT! A humungous glob of white sticky sunscreen lotion flew up in the air and landed on my boobs!
What a mess!
I glanced around - there were 2 employees stocking shelves. Thankfully, they were engrossed in their work, and hadn't noticed.
Quickly, I grabbed a handful of kleenex from my purse and tried to get rid of the mess. It glopped on my skirt, the handle of the shopping cart and the floor!
I started rubbing for all I was worth, while at the same time wondering if I should go back to the car, take off this T-shirt and put on an old one I have in a bag for GoodWill.
It seems the more I rubbed, the more the oily, gloppy stuff soaked into the fabric of my clothes. Looks like I'll have a time trying to get this stain out.
In the end I mopped up as much as I could - I even tried to clean up the floor, and went back to shopping.
Turning around to leave that section, I glanced over my shoulder to see another lady opening bottles of sunscreen, smelling the contents and then trying it on her arms. I didn't wait around to see what happened to her, but made a beeline for panseys in the gardening section.


Q said...

Dear Wendy,
I so understand....
Your pansies look very pretty.
Happy gardening,

Cheryl said... make me smile, that was so funny....and goodness knows how many times I do similar things. Its good to laugh.
Pansies are pretty...little smiling faces.....and oh so colourful.....they are a little bit of sunshine.

Rose said...

LOL, Wendy, I can relate to this! I'm good at spilling coffee, catsup, or something similar on my shirt when I'm out somewhere and can't change for hours. Thanks for the day brightener this morning!
Your pansies are very cheerful, too.

Grand Life said...

Our lives seem to be in tune this week. Planting flowers, Home Depot this morning and I've got to work going to the dump and Goodwill at the same time. Also been caring for DH for 6 weeks while he recovers from worst sick spell of his life. But he's on his way back.

JeanMac said...

I love pansies. "No more checking contents for you,Wendy."

Cheryl said...

Hi Wendy.....I have tagged you today. I hope you don't mind. Please do not feel obliged to join in.

Hope the weekend is okay.

Femail doc said...

I think wearing sunscreen off the rack and onto yours is a perfect menopause moment. Too bad you didn't have a teenager along to magnify the moment.

Femail doc said...

and p.s. aren't pansies just the best? Wish I had a pack of pansies and a gardener to pack 'em in a patch.

MoM2-2GoodBoys said...

Wendy...What a moment! LOL

Your pansies look beautiful! I am going to buy some plants this week. Hoping to have them in the garden by next weekend. I so love this time of year!

Wendy said...

Hi Sherry, pansies are usually the first flower to plant. Happy gardening to you too!

Hi Cheryl, oh yes, I do believe their little faces look sunkissed (the pansies, of course).

Hi Rose, I'm glad somebody else can relate to splatting stuff all over their clothes. And it doesn't have to have anything to do with age (or menopause). I just happens. Thanks for stopping by.

Wendy said...

Hey Grand Life, well - don't know when I'll get around to giving my things to GoodWill. They've been travelling in the back seat of my car for weeks!
Hope DH is feeling better.

Hi Jeanmac, oh, I don't think I'll ever stop checking things out. I have to smell skin creams and lotions - must be an primitive instinct. LOL!

Cheryl, I am tagged. Will pick up a book tomorrow.

Judy, I think half my life is experiencing "menopause moments" even when it's not due to menopause!
A teenage son would really have made things worse. He's probably call store security and tell his Dad as soon as we got home (not to mention all his geeky friends) A daughter at least would have tried to help clean me off (meanwhile hoping none of her friends are nearby).

Hi Mary, this is my favourite time of year too. Happy planting.