Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Easter is early this year. With March winds howling, we welcome the festival of Spring, with it's eggs and bunnies. New life, new growth.

I spent the day with all of my grandchildren but one, yesterday. The newest grandchild couldn't make it.

I arrived at my daughter's house laden with Easter gifts for the children and hard-boiled eggs to colour.

The older children had fun decorating. Dye spilled all over the dining room table, but this Grandma was prepared. I had bought a plastic table cloth at the Dollar Store and it served the purpose well.

The babies were too young to colour eggs, so played happily on the floor. Well, most of the time. Granddaughter grabbed the chocolate eggs away from Grandson. Grandson retaliated by hogging her toys. She thought it was funny and kicked out at him, just for fun.

Grandson #1 decided to check out some video games on the computer. At almost 10 years old, he thought colouring eggs was boring.
11-year old Granddaughter didn't. She put her artistic flair into it and came out with some interesting creations.

7-year old Grandson spilled the coloured water. He dropped an egg or two on the floor. Didn't use the egg dipper, so got his hands thoroughly dyed - pink, purple and yellow.
All in all - a successful Easter celebration.

Hubby stayed home, as always. Happy in his comfort zone. Happy to listen to my adventures with the grandchildren, once back home again.


JeanMac said...

They say that's the beauty of being a grand parent - you get to go home")

Wendy said...

You got that right!

Grandmother Wren said...

Hi Wendy,
It sounds like you had a very happy day with your grandchildren.
I also think you're very brave to take on an egg dying project with that many children!
God bless you and your husband on Easter, Wendy.

Beverly said...

That sounds like a wonderful time. I'm leaving tomorrow for Florida, sad to leave my son, daughter-in-law, and Ella.

The good note is they're coming to visit me in June.