Saturday, March 15, 2008

Kitchen Window in Winter

Beverly posted some beautiful daffodils in her blog. Hers are blooming in the ground and look much prettier than mine.

But - I thought I'd post these anyway. I don't think I could go through winter without cheery yellow daffodils on my windowsill. Or begonias (in the back), or tulips or anything else that brings colour to the snowy background.

Spring is just around the corner. My son turns 36 on March 22nd!!! And we always have a snowstorm around that time. Just to tease us -

But, the good news is - it doesn't last.

It will melt.

I can't wait!!


MoM2-2GoodBoys said...

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for stopping by again. I haven't posted much lately but I do read your blog everyday.

Those daffodils sure are pretty!
I can't wait for spring too. This cold and snow is really getting me down.

I always watch for the forsythia bush to bloom. My grandmother always said "There's always one more snow after the fosythia blooms." LOL

I say "C'mon forsythia bush, let's get a bloomin so we can get this darn winter snow over with!"

Hope you and your husband are having better days.

Wendy said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for stopping by. I like your pic, by the way. Nice to see what people look like.
I absolutely love forsythia. My mom had forsythia bushes in her front yard. A sure sign of spring.
Hugs, too!

JeanMac said...

Love both your pictures.

Beverly said...

Those tulips are so pretty. When my son and his wife got married, the bride and attendants carried tulips.