Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ripples on a Pond

Computer Son (my youngest) made an announcement over Easter - he and his wife are expecting - twins!!
I greeted his announcement with joy. Others groaned.

Computer Son will turn 30 in April. They already have 4 other children. Their small apartment has only 2 bedrooms. Now, they'll have to move. They had plans to move with the birth of Child Number 4 - two years ago. But never did.
They can't put it off any longer. Problem is - money's tight. But, I believe they will find a way to accept life's challenges and make things work.

This Grandma is ecstatic! Twins! I believe every birth is a miracle, every child a creation of God/dess. Meant to be. To live here on this Earth and experience life with the rest of us. A new baby, to my way of thinking, is an affirmation of Life.

I cast my mind back over the years; something I find myself doing more frequently, as time goes by. Thinking back - to trace the unfolding of events to the Source, the beginning. To the trigger, the catalyst. To the pebble thrown into the pond.

I was standing on my head.

Watching a morning yoga program on T.V. The pose of the morning was - The Headstand.
I warily placed a cushion on the floor against the wall. Took a deep breath, plopped my head on it and heaved myself up, using the wall for support.

This was supposed to reverse the flow of gravity - realign your body. Ha! my boobs were falling in my face and my head hurt, despite the cushion. This was not fun!

So I pushed my feet hard against the wall and came crashing down on the floor. My two little ones looked up from their toys in fright. My daughter started to cry. My 6-year-old son came over to see what was wrong.

Suddenly, I felt myself bleeding. That was odd. Wrong time of the month. I waited a bit, but it didn't stop.

Alarmed, I called my doctor. He told me that it was probably my IUD (yes, we wore those barbaric pieces of plastic inside, in those days, for birth control) had shifted and was irritating the inside of my uterus.
"Come in if it gets worse." he advised.

It got better. But this episode had frightened me. As a young mother I felt vulnerable, and bleeding to death during a yoga session was definitely not something I looked forward to.

That night, my husband and I had a discussion. Initially, he had wanted 2 children and I wanted 4. But in light of the IUD episode (I couldn't take the Pill and did not feel comfortable having my tubes tied after only 2 children) we decided to compromise. We'd have one more child and then I'd have a tubal ligation. Close up shop. No more babies.

The IUD was removed the following week.

Nine months later - Computer Son was born.

The ripples on the pond begin to spread....


Amy said...

WOW...6 children. SIX! That's amazing...my two feel like six on their bad days. I'm so happy for you and your son and the rest of the family. I hope for good health for your daughter-in-law, too.

Karen Bastille said...

I loved this story (well, except for the scary bleeding part)

Ripples on a pond...

Congratulations to you and your family -
A double blessing.

JeanMac said...

Congratulations, Grandma. Your head stand story made me laugh - thanks!

Beverly said...

Oh, congratulations! And I love your story. Wow.

i'm back home in sunny Florida now. The weather is divine - low 80's and low humidity.

beckie said...

How wonderful! Grand kids are truly a gift from God. We have 7 granddaughters!
Thank you for your lovely comment on my site!

LK said...

I loved this post! What a great story!

Michelle said...

Twins! I always wanted twins. I married one, and still love to hear stories about him and his brother growing up. What a blessing.