Saturday, March 1, 2008

March is coming in like a Lion!

Snow, snow and more snow this morning! What a way to start off yippee-the-worst-months-of-winter-are-over!
March brings feelings of excitement as we turn the calendar and see ( yes see on this calendar page!) March 21st - Spring at last!
Well, certainly not today, as I look out my kitchen window to the snow- topped birdhouse and sad garden shed.
The good thing is - if we are to believe the old saying: March comes in like a Lion and out like a Lamb, the Lion is roaring today!
I really hope they're right (about the Lamb).
Hubby sits at the kitchen table with a pen and paper in his hand. I sit opposite him, gazing at my windowsill full of colourful spring tulips and cheery yellow daffodils. I'm dreaming of the time when I can get my hands in the Earth and feel the warm sun on my face.
"Do you know they've come to clean our driveway 16 times this winter?"
"Hmmmm?" I'm deep in the soil, playing with garden worms (really I don't mind them. Hate earwigs, though.)
"And our guy-who-shovels-the-walk has come 18 times. Quite a difference from last winter!"
"Oh really?"
My husband is a detail guy. I'm not.
He loves "playing with numbers" as he calls working with our budget and investing our finances. He loves statistics.
I don't. Statistics bore me.
He writes everything down on the calendar. Time to clean his desk. Time to change the oil in the car. Time to wash the kitchen floor.
I'm not kidding. When I first moved in here with him, he'd say "it's Wednesday, time to clean the floor"
I looked at him incredulously - "What? You have a schedule for cleaning the floor?"
"Yup - and tomorrow is vinegar-in-the-coffee-pot rinse."
You've got to be kidding!
Well, since I've taken over housekeeping, I wash the floor and rinse the coffee-maker whenever it looks like it needs it - certainly not on a time-table.
I guess that's why he's the Organized One , while I'm the Spontaneous One.
What's this got to do with a very snowy First Day of March? I have no idea. I just got sidetracked.


JeanMac said...

That is one wintery scene! We had nice 10 degree temps and the snow is slowly going!I think we're in trouble for the "out like a lion!"
take care. J

Beverly said...

Oh my, in Virginia the weather was incredible today - 61. It isn't going to stay like this, but it surely is nice.

In Florida where I live, it's in the 70's and 80's. Spring training has started. Yippee! Except I'm not there.

I need a little organization in my life, but your husband's organizaiton is incredible.

Wendy said...

Oh, to be in Florida - you are lucky, Bev.