Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day (tomorrow)

Some bright tulips on my windowsill to brighten up our winter!!!
This must be the longest winter on record.
Well, at least the snowiest!

Here in Montreal, we have a St.Patrick's Day Parade the Sunday before St. Paddy's Day. So, this afternoon, under a nice bright sunny sky, Montrealiers will be marching in the parade, drinking green beer (yuk!) and just having a ball.

On another note - I have joined BlogHer Ads because I get to choose the kinds of ads that go on my site. Rather than just having random ads.

They are doing a survey about - what else?? Blogging, our favourite sport (o.k., activity) so if anyone wants to take it:
this is where you can check it out

Have fun, whether you're Irish or not.


Beverly said...

I guess I put my comment in the wrong place. LOL. I love these tulips too, and the daffodils down below.

Karen Bastille said...

Hi Wendy -
just checking in to see how you are -
Those tulips and daffodils are wonderful! I need to get some- we don't have snow now, but mud season has set in and it ain't pretty!
Take care -

Wendy said...

Hi Karen - Mud season! Well that must be fun! LOL!

Bev - the bride carried tulips? Well, why not? Any flower is beautiful.