Thursday, January 17, 2008

And we have our Good Days!

I feel lucky.
We have had a string of Good Days.
Hubby has Energy! Something that is constantly in short supply with COPD'ers.

Is it the bright January sun, streaming through our kitchen windows?
A sun that turns snow drifts into sparkling jewels?

Is it all the sleep he'd had before these Good Days?

Most of the time we never find out. That's the nature of the illness. There will be good days and there will be bad days.

But today, he is chipper (did I really say that?) in good spirits, and his exercise program is going well. Those re-hab exercises are usually the barometer of how Hubby's body is handling his COPD.

The key word here is "usually". There is nothing "usual" about this disease.
There are days when his work-out seems to go well (02 sats stay within normal, heart rate is not too high), but he feels tired or headachey.
Then other days, he feels fine, but his work-out is just that - work!

As I've said before, COPD is a roller-coaster ride.
And at this moment we're flying high!


JOY said...

Well, went for another tan this morning since there hasn't been much sunlight lately. I find it hard to get motivated at the best of times thru the winter. I think I'm finally getting to the point where I'm at least half packed. I've been giving hubby a protein shake with chocolate milk at night since sometimes he just can't get thru a meal without running out of breath. At least he's getting up in the morning yeah, well he realizes the only thing worse than having to do everything is watching him hibernate while I sweat!

Wendy said...

Hi Joy,
A protein shake sounds like a great idea just about now.
Hubby tried Ensure a while ago and told me it tastes terrible. Maybe I should get some protein shakes. There must be some good ones out there.
You're gonna be soooo tanned come spring, the birds won't recognize you.
Thanks for stopping by between packing boxes!