Thursday, January 10, 2008

Did I forget to mention the warmth of foggy January?

Out of the fog, the eerie fog, sprinkled a fine mist of rain.
It was warm. Unseasonably warm for January.
I opened all the windows in the house to let in the warm air - fog, rain, and eveything.
We always have a January thaw, but not usually until the end of the month.

It felt like Spring outside! I bought a pot of daffodils and put them on my kitchen windowsill. Down came all the Christmas decorations - the red candles with pinecones and evergreen branches, red bows, Christmas cards (yes, some people still send Christmas cards by snail-mail).

We could hear the snow melting off the roof. Our driveway has patches of pavement showing! Yippee - Mother Nature is really teasing us. But I don't care. For today I will enjoy this spring-like weather.


JOY said...

The days are gradually getting longer & Spring will be here soon. It does seem like forever while you're waiting tho doesn't it. So far I've loaded 3 trucks full of junk from the basement cellar & shed! It's totally overwhelming~ I'm busy for hours while hubby sits & watches TV. It's really windy & blowing fiercely outside. Tomorrow's got to be sunny!Hopefully I'll take a few things to the Value Village & continue packing.The wet weather isn't very motivating, I have to try hard to get things done since I only have a couple of weeks left to move. At least he's been getting up out of bed before noon. Let's hope he at least continues to that. (It's hard enough as it is since I"m packing all his stuff too)~

Wendy said...

Well, I've gotta hand it to you. That's a big undertaking you're doing.
Rain or shine, when you gotta move, you gotta move.
Good thing your hubby is taking some time to "help you". Not physically, of course, but just getting up early and being with you. I am sure he feels really bad that he can't help.
All the best.