Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Day

January 1, 2008. Snow swirls gently outside my window.
My first thought was "oh no - more snow - I'm glad I don't have to drive anywhere today." It seemed to me the heavy snowfall was issuing a dire warning: "this winter will be a long one!"

But as I continued to watch the mesmerizing snow (from the safety of my warm living room), a feeling of peace enveloped me.
After a while, I began to welcome the gentleness; the soft, silent swirling of magic flakes as they descended from above.

As the day wore on the snow intensified; once again covering hedges, the birdhouse and our front walk. I've given up on birdfeeders - the squirrels eat all the food.

What kind of a year will this be? Does the first day always portend the rest of the year?
Does swirling snow indicate turbulence in the coming days? Or will the peace I felt deep within my soul win out?

What do you think? What kind of a New Year's Day did you have?


Carol D. O'Dell said...

I too, feel that weather sometimes reflects our emotions--or our lives--and can even "foretell" what's to come, or at least it feels that way.

I cared for my mother for 15 years--the last almost 3years in my home, and particularly in the end, it felt as if the weather played a big part. It rained for nearly three straight weeks, and then the last week of my mother's life, it lifted.

My mother was 92 and had Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, and at the end, I felt that her passing was a quiet blessing.

I wrote every day during those caregiving years--it gave me a place to our stories as well as my my heart, my worries, my confessions, and my fears.

It's nice to meet you and read your blog.
~Carol D. O'Dell

Author of Mothering Mother: A Daughter's Humorous and Heartbreaking Memoir,
available on Amazon and in most bookstores.

Wendy said...

We must be sensitive to the energies in our environment. I remember the day my brother died (he was 56), I was driving home from the hospital and ran into a snow-squall. It was March and the sun had been shining down fiercely, but suddenly, for no apparent reason, I was driving through heavy snow. It only lasted a few minutes, but I felt it was my brother, protesting at having left this earth too early.

Bless you for all your years of Caregiving to your Mom. I'll bet it wasn't easy. It's really sad to watch them deteriorate. It breaks your heart.

Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your story.