Sunday, January 27, 2008

Passing on Good Energy

On my way to my granddaughter's birthday party, I pulled into a gas station.
Looking around I noticed that all pumps were full and I'd have to wait in line. Oh no! Who wants to spend Saturday afternoon in a gas station???

I had 3 choices:
1) I could come back later (but would probably forget).
2) I could wait impatiently and become frustrated (blowing things out of proportion only makes them worse - they'd probably charge me the wrong price or mix up my credit card).
3) I could assemble the birthday gift in the car while waiting for the Gas Guy (yes, I've done that before - what a rotten grandma).

I chose door # 3.

Leaning over the back seat, I transferred gift and wrappings to my lap. The frilly baby dresses I wrapped in pink tissue, plopped them in the gift-bag and was sprinkling chocolate valentine hearts over it all, when I was startled by the Gas Guy appearing at my window.

"Combien, Madame?"

"Fill it up, please - rempli" (in Quebec our conversations are usually carried out half in English and half in French).

Gee that was quick! My spirits picked up instantly. He fitted the nozzle into the gas tank and was just turning towards another car when my hand reached out the window, thrusting the last few valentine hearts in his face.

"Veux-tu une chocolate?" I asked, offering him one.

"Merci", he answered looking genuinely pleased.
He popped the chocolate into his mouth and went back to the other customers.

I was feeling Good, so I passed the Energy on to him.

My next stop was Reno Depot - a hardware store that stocks a wonderful selection of fresh flowers. I picked up a pot of pretty pink tulips (try saying that one with your mouth full!) and a matching container to put them in.
The cashier was a sweet young girl who just scanned the bottom of the container, thinking that the tulips were part of the arrangement.

Hmm - do I tell her she made a mistake? Or take the tulips and run?
I chose #2.

And passed Good Energy on to my granddaughter.


JOY said...

So here I am nearing the end of an unbelievably overwhelming ordeal! My good friend of 20 yrs took the greyhound all the way from Spences Bridge to help me pack & get ready for the big move! We drank alot of beer & goofed around alot too, but it was so good to see her & have her come & stay with me & help me with my daunting task! She's very high energy & perfect for the job! She's like "Ok, that's done-what can I do now?" Just when I thought I was nearly done, my daughter says;"What about all these clothes in your closet mom?" Wow, forgot about that! Hubby says he's bored. yeah, I bet. Praying for rain now. (Had enough of the snow for a while)

Wendy said...

Ha - you forgot your own clothes! I've done that too!! What does that tell us about ourselves?? Let's not go there.

Your friend sounds like she has wonderful energy that she was considerate enough to pass on to you.

Good luck with the move.