Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Granddaughter!

Yesterday it was my Granddaughter's First Birthday!
I can't believe a whole year has gone by. That first year of a new baby's life is filled with wonder and delight!
What I loved the most was watching my Daughter bond with her baby.
This is something only a grandparent can observe.

Over the months of her first year, Daughter and her daughter became closer, more in tune with each other. I could see Love developing and deepening. It takes more time for baby and daddy to develop this bond, but that is only natural. Daddies don't have breasts.

When you're in the middle of raising your own children, there is precious little time for reflection.
You take things as they come and "just do it" - whatever that may be. So as a grandma, I can sit back and enjoy. The hard thing to do is to keep my mouth shut. It is so tempting to tell the younger generation how to raise their kids. After all, in my time - I've been there, done that.

But Time marches on. A New Year has begun and with it, the cycle of birthdays to celebrate. Each child will be a year older. Some will be reaching milestones this year - my eldest grandchild will be starting high school in the fall. Baby boy, who was born just after Christmas last year will be celebrating his First Birthday in December 2008.

As a young person, I never looked this far ahead into life (who does in their youth - and why should they?). School, friends, marriage and babies were on the agenda. Becoming a Grandparent? Egads! That concept was so far away, I couldn't even imagine it.

Well, now it's here. A time to slow down and celebrate the good things in life.


JOY said...

In the middle of packing & cleaning & getting organized my hubby's son & wife & baby girl came by for a visit. She's only 8 & a half months old, and such an adorable, alert little bundle of sweetness. I just dropped everything I was doing & made some tea so we could enjoy their little little visit for an hour. So easy to caught up in everything & overlook the important things in life that really matter. We took a few pictures & finished our tea & off they went. Soon we'll have dinner in the new house together. It's much smaller than this one but it's on a quiet street so I think everything's gonna work out just fine~

Wendy said...

That is an adorable age, and as grandparents we can give them back to their mothers when they become cranky!

Isn't it fun when people drop in unexpectedly? Especially family? Glad you took the time to have a break - and a nice visit.